3 Questions to Figure Out The Best Social Media Platform


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Starting Your Business but not sure what's the best platform to focus on?

Here are a couple questions for you to decide what is best for you:

1) Where does your target audience spend the most time?

-Instagram: high engagement from women

-Facebook: both genders, more women engagement

-Twitter: younger audience, men

2) What are you wanting to give to your clients?

-Are you having a coaching business and want to provide a community? 

Facebook has a great avenue for that

-Or starting out and just trying to get your name out there?

Instagram/Twitter will allow you to build a solid foundation

3) Are you comfortable with storytelling? Some of the well-known media accounts tell a story through each caption. Allows followers to be captivated and engage more resulting in clients finding you.

Hopefully, these questions help you navigate the social media sphere a little bit easier.

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