4 Ways to Stop Shiny Object Syndrome

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Shiny object syndrome is a topic I am VERY passionate about… 

This topic means a lot to me because I used to suffer from it. Whenever I saw the latest course or book I jumped at the chance to buy it - no matter the cost! 

That’s why I decided to make this Facebook Live Training about 4 Ways to Stop Shiny Object Syndrome! 

  1. Getting to the Root of the Problem 

The best way to fit an issue is to figure out what is causing it! When you are able to look within yourself and find exactly what it is you’re trying to replace with shiny object syndrome, you can beat it. 

2. Goal Setting

When you set a goal that has numbers, you’ll be much more successful. Why? It’s simple! When you have a definitive number you’re trying to reach, you can break down exactly what steps you want to take to get there. 

3. Stop Thinking the Grass is Greener 

The grass is NOT greener. There is no secret sauce. The truth is, it’s all marketing. It’s all a way to make you think that this new course or book will be THE answer to all of your prayers. The only way a marketer can be the answer is when they’re making you a step by step individualized plan. 

4. Digital Detox

With social media being at an all-time high, every brand, influencer, and coach are putting content on overload. When you take a digital detox you’re able to clear your mind, set your goals, and create unique content!