5 Instagram Mistakes that I Made (You Might Be Making too)


If Instagram is not making you want to scratch your head in confusion, then I'm proud! But for many others (including where I used to be at), social media can be hard to crack. And Instagram is the motherload of all head-scratchers in 2018. With all the algorithm changes from hashtags to DMs, it can be pretty overwhelming. And that's why I wanted to talk a bit about the 5 mistakes you might be back on Instagram... that I definitely did.

So #1 Is all about adding same content on different platforms- like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. I know its easy to just repost everything and call it a day. But if your long-term plan to have followers go to see all of your accounts. You have to give them an incentive.

Fix: For Twitter: have your a-ha moments or highlights from an upcoming blog on here. While Facebook is great for how-to content, and Instagram is more personal or storytelling.

Now let's take a second to talk about #2: Not planning ahead for content. Trust me, I get it. Content calendars and batching can be a huge endeavor to start. So this is what I want you to do. Use an app like PLANN or Later to have your photos ready. And then bust out captions when you're ready. That way it is all in one place, and less of a headache for you.

After you have the first two dialed down then the third is all about trying to do it alone. If you have been in the idea, "if you create content, they will come". Yet, with how saturated Instagram feed is, that doesn't happen as often in 2018. How do you help? Take (3) 10 min breaks a day:

  1. Use those hashtags that attract your ideal client and go into them to look at recent posts

2. Like/Comment meaningful replies on their pictures for next 3-5 days

3. Then personally invite them through DM to your Facebook group, podcast, whatever it might be

Is it time-consuming? Yes. Does it pay off? Yes.

Are you More of a Visual Learner? You can Watch the Video Version Here:


Now #4 is not telling a story whether through a color theme, wording or tone of voice. If you were to go on someone's feed and see inconsistent colors or way of speaking, would you trust them? Probably not, because you don't get what they are going for.

Fix: See what your natural phrases are, favorite colors in your business, and infuse that into post. Creating brand consistency and your followers will be able to easily identify you.

Lastly is #5, which is not showing your face in your story or anywhere on your profile. Fun fact: the algorithim will actually boost your story if your face is in it versus a static picture. So starting now I want you to try two things: Each friday put a picture of yourself on a post/ what you do and use the hashtag friday introductions. It allows for your new followers to get to know you seemlessly, plus isn't too popular yet where there is 1M+ posts.

Second is to put your face on your story twice a week. I don't care if it's just you walking to your car talking about your next project. Trust me, It will help.

After all of these tips, go on your Instagram and start making some changes STAT! And see the slow increase of genuine, true followers.


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