Productivity Hack: Spend Time To Get It Back


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      Ah, the age-old question of how to best use the 24 hours a day we’ve been given: Enter the Topic of Productivity and Time Management.

     Many people go into panic think a third (ideally) of that time is used for sleep so there’s only 2/3 of actual productive times.

    Yet, we forget the rule that for most people, that 80% of your work gets done in 20% time. Mostly due to being in that ‘focus’ window. That focus window is something that we all get different times of the day, or even every other day.

     As once you’re in it, you begin to have multiple ideas, essays written out, and burn through errands. You feel like you’re in the optimal state of productivity. And once you’re out, it feels like eternity to get back into.

     I, myself, was struggling to create more of that focus state in my life for more hours in the day. After some long reflection, and mini rant session, I observed that the only way I could create that productivity increase more consistently is spending time.

Whether it’s spending time on myself to build a morning routine that would help create some stability. Or spending time on the lighter side of my life, by painting for an hour, going for a walk, or even calling an old friend I haven’t spoken to in a while.

     Business owners forget that it’s okay to indulge in personal avenues, even for 15 minutes. I know people who work almost every hour of their waking time and use extra amount for errands leaving barely any self-care or social interaction. But we are social creatures by nature.

So here it is: Even as an entrepreneur, it’s okay to take a beat, as once you come back from that break, that’s when the focus cycle comes back again.

Main Takeaway: Remember the next time that you think you’d rather try and push through a funk state, to rather try and take a break so you can go back into the focus state.


Biz Tips, Real LifeDanielle Klemm