For the high achievers but... over-thinkers.

Hit four figure months with their 1:1 work but wonder why they're not farther than they're at with all the skills they learned. Knowing they should already have hit $10k/mo months ago. But no bandwidth to expand with a common thought " I know what to do, I have mastered some why don't I have more traction?"


This container is tailor made for Strategists/Service Providers:

▻ Copywriter

▻ Social Media Manager

▻ Course Creation Expert

▻ Funnel Builder

▻ Online Business Managers/VA



For Service Providers who..

  • Put more time on business vs working on clients / free up time/energy / hitting the $5k / bandwidth is tapped / not enough white space to focus on other things yet still just making enough for bills + small fun money
  • Have the skills/understanding to know its possible but something not clicking. Feels like barely keeping head above water.
  • Overthinking with intuitive inklings on the verge of burnout or burn the business down
  • Done tons of work on her own. Like ICA work and market research so knows a lot and lot copy but still isn’t where you want to be.

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