The Guide for Online Entrepreneurs to finally know which Ad Platform

(Pinterest Ads, FB/Insta Ads, Linkedin Ads) has the BEST results for Growth at the LOWEST cost

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  •  Stumped on which Ad platform to start using your income and effort on that will actually create R.O.I.?
  • Or how to know which age, device and placement is the highest converting among all platforms?
  • And where to really market your offer when trying to fill your audience full of quality, engaged and ideal leads?

That is what this guide is answering right here, right now. As this dives into the three most popular ad platforms to see if you put the same variables, budget, and timeline amongst them three, which one will give you the most bang for your buck.

Inside I will be pulling back the curtain on the exact graphics, copy, budget and audiences used so that by the end you know exactly which one is right for your business and budget.

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Hey! I'm Danielle, an Ads + Conversion Strategist helping online coaches and course creators to create a path to consistent leads and sales through social media.

After helping dozens of clients achieve results like:

  • In under 21 days, one client got over 559 LEADS plus 20% SALES increase.
  • 148 NEW people into her offer  and her Instagram grew by 6.3% over just 3 weeks from ads starting .
  • FB GROUP grew by 14%  and her INSTAGRAM FOLLOWER count grew by 8.3% in just under a month.

I'm here to demystify all things ads to help you create the result you want. Without the worry of "will this work for me" ever again. And that begins with this Ad Experiment.

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