Solopreneur Success Plan ft Jordan Gill | Episode 103

Uncategorized Feb 12, 2020

Are you a team of one wondering how to create true success in your business?

In this week’s episode, we have on Jordan Gill, founder of  Systems Saved Me, an operation consultant that helps online entrepreneurs who are solopreneurs and small team streamline their business through her digital products and VIP intensives.


In the episode you’ll hear:

 Episode Length: 00:47:37


  • Jordan’s journey starting out in content development to starting her own business.
  • How to start relationships through networking.
  • Learn about the client management journey and how to use it in your business.
  • What is the podcast outreach strategy that brought in clients.


Hope you all enjoyed it, and make sure to check out the complete ad breakdown to help create 599 client leads and 20% sales increase.

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