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Why I Don't Read Books + 6.4% Increase in Downloads| Episode 118

Uncategorized May 27, 2020

Have you been curious why once I stopped reading books, I increased my clients? Plus what I did to increase my download metrics?


In this week’s episode, I share why letting go of this one "habit" brought in more success, along with what happened when I tried out a podcast re-purposing hack.


In the episode you’ll hear:

Episode Length: 00:20:52


  • My rationale and insights on why I don’t read books and why you might not need to either.

  • Why I don’t recommend DIY YouTube videos and ad courses (SERIOUSLY).

  • Learn about the new strategy I created that increased my downloads for the month.


Hope you all enjoyed it, and make sure to get your hands on the FREE Audience Growth Ad Experiment guide where I tested Facebook/Instagram Ads vs Pinterest Ads vs Linkedin Ads on what would happen when you put in $200+; which ad platform would have the HIGHEST result with the lowest COST? aka the most bang for your buck.

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