3 Content Creation Mistakes That Are Losing You $1000+ As An Online Entrepreneur

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Get ready for some tough love in this video!

Here’s the Top 3 Mistakes Mini Breakdown:

  1. Not Telling YOUR Story in Educational Posts


One of the easiest ways to tell dynamic and converting posts is through highly educational and story based content. As at least 1-2 sentences of your story and how it relates to topic you’re teaching will hit more. As I speak about the Health Coach Example in the video below.

2. Being More of Textbook, than a Brand.

This ties into the first, but needs to be said again. If you just give value, value, value without relating it to your own experience… that’s when your followers see you more as an encyclopedia they get learn from, then leave after.

3. Having ZERO Idea of What Your Audience Wants

Start asking what you’d ask a friend. From “starbucks to dunkin’ donuts” will help you promote up the algorithm to reach even more eyes. Find out more in the video below.


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