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What Ad to Use for Your Business [AD SERIES Pt. 1] (Episode 68)

podcast episodes Jun 26, 2019
In this Episode
In this episode, I share my passion for ads and answer the question of how to choose the perfect ad for your business. I even go over what ads can lead to the most conversions and will cost you the least money!
  • What an ad actually is… And where you can go to publish an Instagram Ad. (Spoiler alert: this is a trick question!)
  • When you need to take a step back and look at your business and decide what you want to gain from it. Your answer to this question will determine what type of ad you should be using!
  • Exactly what form of ad you should be using! All the pros and cons of photo versus video ads and which audiences are better for each.
  • Why boosting a post is NOT an ad. (And why I’m so passionate about this!)
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Episode Length: 00:17:57
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