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How to Easily and Legally Protect Your Business (No Legal Jargon Here) ft. Lauren Consul (Episode 69)

podcast episodes Jul 03, 2019
In this Episode…
In this episode, Lauren and I go over all the legal information you need to know in order to protect your service based or product based business. The best part is, we skip all the legal jargon - meaning you get all the information you need without all the confusing terms!
  • How Lauren realized she needed to take a step back, realize what she wanted from life, and took actionable steps to create a life she loved. 
  • Why you can’t look at contracts as something that is for other people, and why you certainly aren’t ‘too small’ to have them. 
  • Why it’s essential to have a contract for everyone you work with… even if they’re not paying you for your services! 
  • Why as a service based entrepreneur you should be protecting yourself with contracts more so than if you were a product based entrepreneur…
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Episode Length: 00:35:21
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