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Is it the Right Time Use Ads in Your Business? And D.I.Y. Or Hire Ads Out? [AD SERIES PT. 2]

podcast episodes Jul 10, 2019
In this Episode…
In this 20 minute training, I go over all your burning questions in regards to when you’re ready to run your first ad! I also touch on the signs that you’re ready to make your own ad, have it made for you, or even have someone help you make it!
  • When to look around and realize it’s time to run your first ad... (Or run them in a completely new way!)
  •  My secret tip to understanding your ideal client and knowing what they’re looking for! 
  •  Reverse-engineering your ads to make a difference and reach your ad goals! 
  •  The real dollar amount you should being paying per ad to get the leads you need to book clients!
Grab my guide to creating instagram and facebook ads that convert ->
Episode Length: 00:20:06
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