Are Ads Even Worth Trying for My Business? [Ad Series Ep. 4] (Episode 74)

podcast episodes Aug 07, 2019
Have you been wondering if ads could help explode your business? 
In this free 20 minute training, I share the advice I give to my clients about how to know when they’re ready for ads. I also share my favorite tips and tricks to ensure that my ads are running the most efficiently and getting me the client leads I’m looking for.  
Grab the Complete Ad Breakdown: How 1 Insta Ad Got 559 Leads ->  
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In the episode you’ll hear: 
  • Why your initial investment in help with ads should be seen as free. (You’ll get the money back!!) 
  • How often you should really be tweaking your ads to appeal to your ideal clients...
  • Why you have to understand brings you joy when it comes to you business. Do you love spending hours on Instagram? Do you hate it? 
  • When to look at your workflow and realize you need help - and that you’re burned out! (And the simple fixes to get rid of it...)
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