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4.5X Revenue with Under 1K Followers | DAY 1 FREE 5X LAUNCH SALES SERIES

Uncategorized Nov 11, 2019

BONUS EPISODE: This is an excerpt from Day 1 Free Training in the 5X Launch Sales Series all on How this Epic Launch was Achieved.

 Episode Length: 00:29:25 

if you’re an online mentor (aka coach or consultant) or course creator, this is perfect for you!
I go over how we broke down and what we focused on for this coach who was launching a membership site for the first time with a small following.
Listen in above :) 


Want to join and learn the exact exercise to use at the end? Click Image below and sign up!

➕What is it?⠀⁠
A 3 Day Livestream Challenge discussing the Expert Insights behind going from Launch Overwhelm to Filling with Ease, (psst… even with a small following)⠀⁠
➕Who is it for?⠀⁠
For online mentors (aka coach and consultants) and course/membership site creators who are sick and tired of long or draining launches.. And not hitting their launch sales goals.⠀⁠
➕What’s going to be included?⠀⁠
It’s going to be broken down into 3 days:⠀⁠
Day 1️⃣: 4.5X Revenue with under 1K Insta Followers⠀⁠
What changed this launch around with a small following and the first time selling this offer⠀⁠
Day 2️⃣: 17 Sales to a Niche Audience⠀⁠
Discover what made this offer work so well with a niche audience and targeted program.⠀⁠
Day 3️⃣: Zero to Doubled Live Launch Sign Ups⠀⁠
Find out the insight that turned this live launch to a success with less than 700 on email list.⠀⁠
Need I say more?!⠀⁠
Okay I will.. There will also be a GRAND PRIZE at the end for those who watch all 3 videos, do the 3 action steps and stay engaged through it to winn…. 1:1 Sales Page Audit worth over $350!!⠀⁠

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