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"Before working with Danielle and her team I was relying on Mimi's energy 100% of the time. Once we started working together, Danielle has a super professional and holistic approach where she looks at all documents and makes sure the ENTIRE funnel is working. She truly cares and wants us to succeed together. I would 100% recommend her. If you are feeling like you rely 100% on showing up all the time to sell and you want to systemize your business so that there's new people interacting with your brand constantly, without you being doing all the labour, this will help you!"

What Makes Working with Danielle so Different From Other Strategists/ Agencies? 

I don't see you as a number.

I see your offer as what it is, something you spent months creating, refining and celebrating milestones with your students.

So what we do is more in-depth, more complete than any other strategist or agency because we owe that to you and your offer.

You already did the heavy work of creating and growing it.

So where we shine is creating high-converting strategy mixed with ad creative and legacy building sales materials/system better than anyone else with helping dozens of enptreneurs increase their profits and welcome in so many more students. 

Danielle combines her years of experience in ads, funnels, conversion marketing, sales psychology and funnel energetics to bring the total sales experience to you.. because you deserve an full experience backed by results.. not just another number.


These services are best aligned for clients who are:

  • A proven offer that has already sales.¬†We only work on offers that we believe have a high chance of ROI!

  • ‚ÄčHave a long term legacy mindset versus an instant overnight success perspective. Funnel and messaging work is a long-term compound interest investment. Meaning every month the return comes back DOUBLE instead of a¬†one off spike based off urgency tactics.

  • Willing to have a¬†partner and collaborator FIRST, executer second. Who loves a good metaphor and pun joke.

NOT A Fit For:
  • Haven't validated their offer yet or at the beginning stages of business
  • ¬†Unwilling to experiment with new strategy or take our advice
  • Looking for a get-rich-quick scheme over an empire building mindset



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