Offer Specific 1:1 Cashflow Channeling Session💸🌟


This is juicy.

This is powerful.

This is potent.

And it’s all around increasing your current cashflow.


💸Cashflow at the end of the day is new people. New humans who said yes to what you have to offer.

They have their own unique way of being & buying.

Which means just like that old snowflake saying, no two snowflakes are alike. No two buyers are 100% alike.

But what is the throughline are the emotions they are experiencing related to your offer's transformation it can provide and the frequency they’re at for those who are most available and ready to buy.

Because they need you and they need your offer..but something is currently getting in the way of that.

  • Whether it be the practicality of promo like where are they at & the strategy to draw them out of the shadows and jump off the fence of indecision.
  • Or the higher level of messaging/copy on how they need to be communicated to along with the positioning of the offer to make it an instant no-brainer yes for them.
  • Or the highest level of mental/mindset/mind games aka our own self-sabotage or blocks getting in the way of us welcoming those people into our containers.

These are one of the 3 focuses this channeling Voxer session works on.

🌟 Where you get the 5 years of experience/expertise from a seasoned conversion marketing whose worked with multi 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs to scale their sales over 50% in 10 days. To others retiring their husbands from the revenue made in just 8 months. And even vacationing the summer in Europe because they have peace of mind knowing their offer is selling the way its meant to.. aka without them having to be on alll the time.

🕯 Along with my intuitive gifts of channeling hyper-focused on your offer, ICA or you the creator to identify the main next idea, copy, or action step to take in order to bring in the next 2 or even 10 sales.

By the end of this session, if you integrate & apply what’s channeled in the session for your offer to sell more you can…make your sales or marketing strategy work again or even better >> identify your next immediate action step to get into a new level of cashflow for this month.

The result? Well, they are rather..otherworldly as you can check out below ;)


After working in conversion marketing the last 5+ years heavily focused on FB/IG ads for 6 figure launches or evergreen funnels I started to noticed a pattern.


Where we did everything by the book, with ads or strategy nearly identical to other clients who were their competitor and still didn’t work for them.


So I had to look into why - and thankfully what I did find was already there waiting to be discovered.


I found energetics (for offer, message & funnels) through ideas that would come through from that have never been done before, along with the program I was in at the time very spiritual. Teaching on how to identity certain frequencies or energies and personify them to talk to them and listen what they have to teach you in regards to meeting your manifestation/business goals.


Similar to a visualization however this was more intuitive and not me trying to lead for answers. Truly tapping in, setting the intention for the highest good and listening on what came up. I realized if you can do it for one topic there must be frequencies for other things like sales funnels or offer or even your ideal clients just you have to know what to tune in and receive for. 


And that became the basis of the first step most people now work with me or first step I address in all my programs /services because its so impactful.


Energetics simply means the intangible and invisible but highly effective pieces that affect our actions and more importantly.. our speed & timeline to results.

So can you go without them for a while? Yes. But can only get so far until you address the internal.


Before I can give you strategy, we got to figure out what is blocking it currently & what might after the session when you start to take action whether its conscious or not.

As yes there’s reasons why you’re not making cash now, but more often there are a few biggies you can’t see for yourself. or cant see how to get yourself out of it. that’s what this session will help with.

Now the nitty gritty:

This is a 30 min aha-inducing Voxer session.

Once you schedule, I’ll send a voxer with pre-session steps so you can be fully primed and ready along with me being fully prepped & briefed on what you, your offer or ICA needs.


This is something I’ve been doing behind the scenes for the last..well ever.

As all good ideas that lead to great results come from the ethers.

Think about the great idea you had, the one that felt like it came out of nowhere but dropped into your brain in the shower, walk, or on a drive?

That’s a form of channeling.

However the last few years I’ve been sharpening the focus to pinpoint exact frequencies/energetics for my clients so its not just an idea here or there.. it’s an overflowing waterfall of the most potent and profitable ones just for your specific blend of offer and customer.

So the next question is.. are you ready to have your mind-blown and heart-blasted wide open while being entirely supported and safe during the exchange?

Let’s do this ;)