🚨✋Before you pour another dime into Ads or 🕰 hours into the next launch/sales push...you need to address these two reasons to make more sales from your existing audience.

Any seasoned entrepreneur who's finished their first (or fifth launch) or on year 1 of their evergreen funnel has asked the Q: "How do I make more sales from my 1:many or group offer through my sales page & emails alone?" (aka what your assets actually meant to do).

Sadly so many more make the mistake of more posting or paid ads because ‘their audience is tapped out/doesn’t buy & need new people’ numbers game. And that’s just backwards when you have dozens to 100s of primed lurkers in your audience.


I've put together my best tried and true 'Lurkers Be Gone' interactive exercise for even the coldest of audiences to help get unf*cked and them off their butts.

Helping people who have tried the old boring marketing & sales tactics🥱 like you have a new way to get your ice-cold lurkers into the mind of damn I’m sold once again.

Get access to one of the simplest exercises you can do in less than 5 minutes along with a bonus somatic sales copy exercise to help cure the thought of “Writing copy & funnel work is boring, exhausting & time-consuming.” 

To ensure your next sale is as simple as this opt-in form is set up to be 👌⤵️

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Hey! I'm Danielle Klemm, a Sales Message & Funnel Energetics Strategist helping more rad entrepreneurs enroll more students into their proven 1:many or group program without having to be so hands-on or do any gross manipulation tactics 🚫.

After working with dozens of entrepreneurs ranging from their first 6 figures to next million in revenue helping them achieve 60% sales increase in 10 days, revive a 'dead' audience and make 4 figure fully passive income month...I’ve noticed similar patterns that happen when it comes to selling:

  • Specifically a lack of depth missing from most sales assets/funnels leads to more lurkers instead of lifetime buyers. My hope with this guide is you begin to feel hope and connection with your audience once again that can lead to the sales you didn’t even see coming, while having as much fun as you can get away with 👌.

This is perfect for any entrepreneur who noticed more page views than sales the last few months or has gone through offer or business pivots and wonder if they’re audience is still with them on this new journey.

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Because I’m feeling extra generous, I’ll be giving a bonus on the Top Three Make or Break Metrics that indicate whether your current offer & funnel is destined to sustainably scale. 

These three numbers are one most leaders and marketers alike overlook but are the easiest way to tell which mechanisms inside your funnel are functioning only adequately.. and what it would take to turn them to perform EXCEPTIONALLY.

To have greater reach, greater impact and higher conversions so that you can truly develop something that has the capacity to become.. stellar ;).

Psst.. the 3rd indicator helped one client know what to change in just two emails contributing to a 2.5X sales increase in two weeks.  PLUS bonus videos to see how it looked with real-life client case study examples (like I mentioned above). 

Just call me jolly old saint Nick with all these goodies🧑‍🎄. Access it all by putting your name and email below:


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