The Instant YES (U.S.P💸)

LIVE Watch Party + Workshop

Skyrocket your DM's, consult calls, or sales page views with paid offer interest through uncovering your unique selling factor


Problem bullet points to create interest fam that then leads into the USP and why it matters + where it falls into in the web of your sales pitch.

Mary - it felt like for her getting a high level roadmap of what kind of structure i should be focusing on when it comes to building the messaging around my offers. and that they were the 4 parts and it made it easier for her to rank them and make sure i wasn't discounting things that weren't important and highlighting the stuff that really was. 

And want to do a quick affirmation, it’s okay if you dont have one now or thought you had one too. Its normal to have this gap because when we are so close to our offers or business it’s hard to actually step back and find it for ourselves. It’s why we often hire experts to help us recognize the gaps in our mindset, markeing, same goes for messaging.


The power of the USP - marketers alike have been using this to raise $100 products to $1500+ products becuase if you can increase the perceived level of value to the person then you can jump into new price points and markets with ease.

Show the power of what it does with sales increase screenshots and stuff.



Ethical note: I do not and will never condone any type of manipulation or gaslighting tactics when it comes to marketing/messaging. I believe at the heart of all this is helping more of the people who need what you have, find you easier and invest quicker to get the transformation they’ve been searching for support on.

SO all this is to help guide them to an empowered decision, never to use psychology or any modality against others. Remember: ‘INTENTION TRUMPS ALL’.

The intention or energy you bring into every situation will inform the reaction or response of the other person.

Just like the immediate gross feeling you get when a guy tries to kiss you on a bad date.

We use these powers for good people to find and help more good people.

Not helping line more of the corporate or heavy masculine fueled marketers out there.

Now the nitty gritty:

This is a 30 min Voxer session AND this price of $33 will only be up for the next 3 days before it's CLOSING with an undetermined time of opening up again. I recommend getting in asap.

Once you schedule, I’ll send a voxer with pre-session steps so you can be fully primed and ready along with me being fully prepped & briefed on what you, your offer or ICA needs.


This is something I’ve been doing behind the scenes for the last..well ever.

As all good ideas that lead to great results come from the ethers.

Think about the great idea you had, the one that felt like it came out of nowhere but dropped into your brain in the shower, walk, or on a drive?

That’s a form of channeling.

However the last few years I’ve been sharpening the focus to pinpoint exact frequencies/energetics for my clients so its not just an idea here or there.. it’s an overflowing waterfall of the most potent and profitable ones just for your specific blend of offer and customer.

So the next question is.. are you ready to have your mind-blown and heart-blasted wide open while being entirely supported and safe during the exchange?

Let’s do this ;)