The 5 Part Profitable Ads Plan

Ready to stop all the overwhelming thoughts and frustration towards creating Ads that actually work for you?

Whether it be to get more calls booked, grow your audience, or get some sales, you want them just to work.. like now. Sign up below to learn exactly how to do just that for FREE. 

This Personalized Program Includes:

15 Page Workbook

This workbook is filled with simple but proven strategies and prompts used with private Clients.

6 Video Lessons

Lessons to dive in deep around the exact steps to take before pressing "create ad".

5 Value Packed Emails

These emails are designed to answer all your questions around: "which type of ad strategy, budget, and copy is right for your business?" 

Take a Sneak Peak of What's Inside:

I've divided it into answering the top 5 questions I get asked most by clients and the strategy to combat that.

"What Type of Ad will Help My Hit my #1 Goal in the next 60 Days?"

This lesson answers the big question: "How can I use an Ad that will ACTUALLY work for me".

Which comes from knowing what type of Ad Objective is perfect to achieve your goal including strategy around:

- if want to use Ads to grow Audience size/FB group

- if want to use Ads to get calls booked and land clients

- if want to use Ads for online sales


"Which Offer Do I Need to Choose to Convert the Most Leads?"

This lesson is all around how to select your offer or tweak in a way that aligns with your ideal audience's PRIMARY need. As once aligned, that's when the "take my money" messages begin.

Paired with the exact path I recommend taking your Ad to hit your #1 Goal mentioned in the first lesson.

"How Much do I Need to Spend on Ads to Actually Make Money?"

This lesson is a BIGGIE for so many entrepreneurs as you want to know how much you need to spend to actually see a return on your investment.

I go over the exact numbers I've done for clients and how depending on your offer above can change the ad budget amount.

As I'm here to save you from wasting another dollar on unprofitable ads.


"How Do I Figure Out Which Audiences to Target for my Ads to Actually See Results?"

Oh yea, I give it ALL away. About the 5 Types of Warm Audience you need to target for the lowest cost, and highest result.

And my the exact prompts I use to find my Most. Profitable. Target. Audience. for. Ads.

"What do I need to say in my Ad to actually get them to convert?" 

I saved the best for last. I'm giving away what I've found works best for my 6 Figure + Clients to create results and how to discover the exact way to find the highest converting copy for your audience.


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Hey! I'm Danielle

I'm a FB/Insta Ads Strategist helping Online Mentors + Female Entrepreneurs to create system for consistent client leads and sales through social media.

After helping dozens of clients achieve results like:

  • In under 21 days, one client got over 559 LEADS plus 20% SALES increase.
  • 148 NEW people into her offer  and her Instagram grew by 6.3% over just 3 weeks from ads starting .
  • FB GROUP grew by 14%  and her INSTAGRAM FOLLOWER count grew by 8.3% in just under a month.

I'm here to demystify all things ads to help you create the result you want. Without the worry of "will this work for me" ever again.

See you inside!

With care and coffee,



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