Turn your “what you get” 🥱 section into juicy anxiety-melting benefits that curb hesitations and draws them to BUY 🥳.


On average, most consumers (even the fastest to buy) will re-read the 'what's included' section 2-3+ times to help calm any buyer anxiety. (Click to see a LIVE example + tutorial inside MMBP on how to see yours)

Find out inside this value-packed program how to restructure and rewrite your ‘what you get’ section from a conversion & nurturing perspective that goes beyond ‘so that’ language and into the heart of addressing the 20% not being said on your FAQ or sales page. 


What if you were able to increase sales this WEEK by writing ~10 lines of copy?

The Instant YES (U.S.P.) Workshop will help do just that.

Learn how to uncover & articulate the UNIQUE AF selling factor your offer has to turn lurkers into purchasers.

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From #Stale AF to Sales

Make this your last program you’ll ever need to create sales message PRECISION aka how (and what) to articulate your offer in your sales pitch of ANY medium [sales email, call, webinar, CTA on a post, etc].

So that you can leave with absolute certainty when promoting your program that prioritizes what your people need to see, hear and feel in order to have a FULL BODY YES.

Distilling all my exercises and what I do in my Sell More Now Intensive here.



1:1 Channeling Session

Book an Offer-Specific Cashflow Channeling Voxer session to address the underlying cashflow obstacles holding you back from a new sale today.

This is my only offering that welcomes in ALL OFFER TYPES (1:1, group, course, physical product, etc).

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