Transmute the #Stale AF outdated energy your sales message is giving off in your copy/pitch and turn it into one that creates committed lifetime customers without dipping into cringe tactics or passionless language.

Make this your last program you’ll ever need to create sales mess PRECISION aka how (and what) to articulate your offer in your sales pitch of ANY medium [sales email, call, webinar, CTA on a post, etc]. So that you can leave with absolute certainty (I mean it, 100% confidence) when promoting your program that prioritizes what your people need to see, hear and feel in order to have a FULL BODY YES.

Spill your genius all over the page while guide rails to soak up & spit out your totally perfect message.


Now...does this sound like you?

  • As the new month approaches that nagging thought of ‘it’s time to look at what’s working and not working’ in your business comes up. You check analytics to see dozens+ of new page views yet no new sales and wonder if it’s something you said or didn’t say to get that ghost leads off the fence and into a YES.

So you go back through one of those copy programs you bought ages ago to see if maybe it will give you the formula or aha you need to turn this around… but the moment you think about searching through one of your 4 emails you have programs log info sent to you realize the headache that would be. And the frustration of not really knowing what to focus on around your offer’s messaging, posting & pitch to even know which exercises or posts would matter the most to fix this.

So you begin to search all your peers and see if they’ve referenced a copywriter somewhere since they should have the answer right? they write copy for a living that should fix things for you? But after you do a search you don’t find anyone who gives you that heart connection. And once again leave bettering this offer’s pitch so that you can have more people enroll on the back burner. And end up moving to ‘traffic’ ideas like ads to fix it.


  • You finally carve out some time after months of ‘i’ll get to it’ on refining your offer’s sales message and pitch in order for people to buy more you open up a blank google doc to begin. The curser of death staring back at you wanting to suck in your soul and lead you down the overthinking spiral. You feel it’s pull and end up writing 3 sentences max then closing the tab and running far away from your computer as now you’re triggered into your current avoidance or clinging response. ‘There goes another day wasted’ you think, knowing the longer you wait on this. that stagnancy your offer’s sales are currently doing is going to continue to grow.

If this is you, first I want to say IT'S NOT YOU.

The way your past mentor had to talk about copy was having to generalize a lot due to everyone's varying sales copy knowledge. The exercises I do aren't taught in most programs since it's not easily replicable on a mass scale.

Or your last copywriter wasn't bad, but you know your offer best. You just might not be the best at articulating what needs to shine through about your offer in how it's being presented. And even the best copywriters still struggle with voice, tone, and USP pieces for that reason.

I don't want to leave you in the lurch so here's the deal.

I'm putting everything I've done with clients over the last 5 years of sales messaging + pitch improving work into this program. So that you can go through this with any offer. AND multiple offers.

As my 1:1 intensives only focus on one offer per client at a time. This is the ultimate multi-use and highly resonant program you'll find out there.

To get details on when we begin and which might align with you best. Drop your name + email to stay in the loop and get priority info!