There are ENDLESS ways to increase sales for your offer...

but the first step is to begin.

Recommendation: if you're not sure where to start. The Copy to Cashflow Intensive is the BEST place to begin if you want support NOW.

If you're in more of a learning mood, The Instant YES Workshop is best for you.




The Copy to Cashflow Voxer  Intensive

Tired of ghost leads who stalk your feed & sales page, but never seem to buy?

Time to *lovingly* call them out deeper than any Therapist or TikTok FYP has with on-point copy & start bringing in the sales (and the passion) you know this offer is capable of creating.

This will help target your fast purchase people who don’t need to ask Q’s to get in AND the hundreds on the fence..decreasing their hesitancy by 70% so your DM convo turns from 10 messages to >2 max.




Identify your product or service's unique selling angle(s) to speed up the ‘YES, I’m ready to buy!’ on your next call, social media post, or website! 

A.K.A. The Buying Factor I Can Guarantee No One has taught you to Increase Sales Pitch/Content Success.

This workshop includes:

  • 2 Learning Tracks Separated for your specific consumer style
  • Full 50+ Slide Deck
  • 5-Page Google Doc Notes

This hands-on workshop is for anyone who ready to make their offer IRRESISTIBLE and scale their business to greater heights.



From #Stale AF to Sales

Make this your last program you’ll ever need to create sales message PRECISION aka how (and what) to articulate your offer in your sales pitch of ANY medium [sales email, call, webinar, CTA on a post, etc].

So that you can leave with absolute certainty when promoting your program that prioritizes what your people need to see, hear and feel in order to have a FULL BODY YES.

Distilling all my exercises and what I do in my Sell More Now Intensive here.



The Sell More NOW (Sales Message/Pitch) DFY Intensive

This is the ONLY done-for-you offer to help you create a custom high-level sales message & pitch optimization system designed to aid in enrolling your largest amount of members in less than a month.

*mic drop*

Due to only taking 2 Intensive Clients per month, make sure to grab the next intensive spot while you can.


1:1 Cashflow Channeling Session

TLDR: The best 45 minutes of your day. (possibly week/month) And the first step I do in ALL my programs as it ensures whatever work we do or strategy they choose to do outside of this session performs better than it has before.

Book a 1:1 Session to address the underlying cashflow obstacles holding you back from a new sale today.

OR uncover the specific offer post for you to write today to attract your next aligned sale. 

This is my only offering that welcomes in ALL OFFER TYPES (1:1, group, course, physical product, etc).

Once you book you'll get a prep mesage from me 24 hour before we begin so that you get the most bang for your buck.



For the WHOLE Enchilada

If you're interested in the FOREVER FUNNEL PACKAGE aka the WHOLE enchilada from Audit to Sales Message Elevation and Funnel Recreation with Ad Testing then email [email protected] the subject line 'Forever Funnel' for more info.

This is HIGH touch and over 3-4 Months. To see if this is an aligned fit, email or book a consult call below: