Alyssa Rimmer - Case Study

 "I have worked with a few strategist before and this was MUCH better. We went WAY more in depth with my buyer personas and I felt like Danielle (and team!) are really focused on our success. The sales messages and profit angles were huge and I think we're really set up for success with this new chapter."



Alyssa came to me with an infoproduct suite but she had for years and desired more consistent evergreen sales from. She was the perfect definition of a ‘content creator’ putting out new recipes every week with daily social media content along side achieving over a 1Million+ website visitors a month. Thousands of people on her Instagram and YouTube. 


Meaning she had the quantity that so many try and use for ads, but noticed that they weren't all converting that well. And as a veteran in this business who's been around for years, she knew that in order to get to her next level while prioritizing living her life she would need to better streamline her signature offer and her overall products along with a strategic content strategy that surrounded it.

She already had all the data needed to see the purchase patterns from launching a few times a year. With sales assets including a sales page, emails and webinar format from live launching but hadn't nailed down the right funnel flow that worked for her ideal customers so that she could turn it into something that’s automated and run in the background. Allowing her to have more consistent revenue from her online products regardless of being ‘on’ all the time selling.





The first thing that we addressed was testing the funnel flow we created in Phase 1 based off of all the purchase data that we had from her last launches and knowing her ideal client is from Phase 2 Sales Message Intensive. And reformatting all of her assets from sales page to email sequences creating them essentially from scratch. Because there is a difference in how you need to sell when it's not a live launch and found out after her 3rd launch that her client’s don’t  convert that well with the traditional webinar sales vehicle. So we had an opportunity to test what medium would work best for them (aka bring in the most sales) from evergreen.



After the first round of testing, found that written email series worked best from over 54% optin rate compared to the 30% when as a video series medium. Along with tailoring the emails to conver more story-based content as it performed 20X more effective than any of her traditional sales for my emails from the last 2 launches. So with that in mind we restructured the funnel to have more of those elements in mind along with specific video placement in two areas to help massage the ideal client who is a slower type buyer. From that first round she was able to get a couple of sales along with a bassline of doing where the metrics were at. Including her open rates for sales emails 30-40% and her CTR around 2%.



It's why I I mention having two rounds of testing. Because that first round validated mainly the sales vehicle medium and the emails. And once we went in on the written medium for the sales vehicle and tweaking two emails with 0% CTR her sales went up 120%. And those previous 0% CTR emails went up to 14.2% and 8.6%. Which is over 8 times HIGHER than industry average CTR.


Once we locked in her sales vehicle and the emails surrounding it was validated, we went up to her top-of-funnel for what was the most aligned entry point to get them in the door is. And how to that with the current sales vehicle so that they're already primed and ready to go before they get into that stage.



She already had about 12 different freebies before working together as a content creator. We then defined the best option based on what we need the ICA to experience before they're ready for the sales vehicle, updated a few of those internal cues for them. And linked it together so that it was a more holistic experience regardless of where they come from to get into this product. 


Lastly we focused on having her create a more effective strategic content strategy in Phase 5 so that she wasn't always having to worry about having content be stale or be repetitive and trying to get people in the funnel even though it worked. So we created a custom content strategy that was in line for the way that she wants to be in her business and still move her customer forward in the way they need to no matter which stage of awareness they're at. So she can walk away knowing that she has a true business now that is running intandem together with her vision, rather than having disjointed products or freebies. 

Creating a true multi tier legacy in her business for herself, her family, and her soon-to-be customers.


The result?

Like I mentioned, her sales went up 120%. Her CTR on SALES EMAILS turned from 0 to 14%.

Along with other funnel metrics to show how this all worked to better increase her sales conversion rate. But what matters now is she has peace of mind knowing and SEEING (payment notifications babyyy) her audience of subscribers becoming converted into consistent buyers.

Her Words:

I have worked with a few strategists before and this was MUCH better. We went WAY more in depth with my buyer personas and I felt like Danielle is really focused on our success. The sales messages and profit angles were huge and I think we're really set up for success with this next launch.

On Top of the angles, I got a full review of my sales system as well as an in-depth analysis of my ideal customers and what they really want and need. I walked away feeling much more confident in my delivery! Definitely worth way more than I paid.

If you want to launch something new, get new leads or even just relaunch an existing program, this will help you because it's a full look at your entire sales system to optimize for conversions, not just one piece of the puzzle like you normally get.”