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The Mindset that Created a 14k Facebook Group ft. Susi Kaeufer (Episode 67)

podcast episodes Jun 19, 2019
In this Episode…
In this episode, Susi Kaeufer and I dive into the mindset that she used to create a Facebook Group with over 14k people in it! We talk about all the tough topics like how to think about money, saying no, and the red flags you can’t ignore!
  • Why it’s important to realize money doesn’t equate to happiness. (Even when the world says that it does...)
  • How to step out of the money mindset and create content that people want, not just what they will pay for.
  • Why your business will thank you once you learn the difference between a hesitation verses a hell no.
  • When to step back and look at your program or course and realize it’s okay to pivot it.
  • The biggest client no-no that screams red flags... (And why it’s perfectly okay for you to decline working with them!)
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Episode Length: 00:46:40
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