Erika Vieira - Case Study

 "You put what I've been wanting to say for 4 YEARS into words."



Erika Vieira, Founder of Zero to Influence Bootcamp, came to work with Danielle after experimenting with ads for her flagship program, and they were working.. But she knew they could be working better.

Then she went through period of time without ads and they still got sales but she knew that if her program really wanted to scale she HAS to work on increasing the sales conversion rate (her words, not mine. Check out her video below).

‘I always knew in the back of my mind I needed to do some kind of refresh or reboot of the webinar, of the sales funnel. But it all boiled down to time, as that was just ONE aspect of my business. (Note: she also has other clients, youtube channels, media companies etc.) And due to time just kept pushing it off ‘ah I can do next month, or next year’. I always wanted to do it but also finding the right person to help me do it. The person who could understand and take the project and run with it.’

Focusing the most time on the sales email sequence and webinar to convert better as when she came to me they were the biggest profit gaps in this funnel. Especially with the click-through rates. 


Her CTR was a little under 1-2% industry average as many of them had been previously created as pure sales emails resulting in leads feeling exhausted from the same repetition after email 7 or 8 inside the sequence.

She had a signature funnel with three entry points: webinar, free tip PDF, and waitlist application. All leading down to her bootcamp sales email sequence.




Her webinar was standard flow but went past the 1-hour mark and since most of her audience were busy women we needed to identify the quickest path in the structure of this sales vehicle to get them to see themselves in this offer and know it’s right for them, right now.

We ended up slicing 2-3 minutes in her previously ~10 minute origin story session since including intro had many not getting to the actual teaching until closer to 20 min mark. Confirmed by the webinar platform watch rate having a steep 10%+ drop within the first 30 min.


We focused on making sure the beginning strategically primed them along with adding 1-2 interactive elements/exercises inside the middle to create a deeper emotional connection to seeing her as the guide and their vision.

Along with recreating the entire pitch deck as it was more telling than showing which is a common sales pitch issue many course creators have in their current sales video. Showcasing her offer’s USP and the new tagline/framework outline we created from the Sales Message Intensive to allow lead a simpler time saying yes to invest before the webinar ended.



For her emails, we redid the entire 12+ email sequence, keeping a few from previous emails but restructuring the layout so it blended in better compelling story, including short form strategic video seperate from the sales video along with ICA text to make it feel more intimate of an experience than a traditional sequence.

Her people, like many others need to feel supported and guided in this purchase journey and more sales emails isn’t always the way. They don’t need more information, they need better ways of digesting it based on what they need to see, hear and feel that’s detailed in the ICA buyer blueprint a part of Phase 2 Funnel Method intensive deliverable.



Once we addressed the two biggest elements of the misalignment, we also enhanced her sales page and all 3 opt-in/TY page’s for the three entry points above to infuse more of the ICA text mentioned in the blueprint.


And lastly was reformatting the end structure of the free PDF to prime her leads and funnel them through the journey more effectively.

The result? With all these changes were done to help create the highest sales conversion rate and message resonance possible.. and it did.

The new sales email sequence flow allowed leads to become buyers in a shorter timespan.

The webinar now even more succint and specific to what they needed to hear and see in order to say YES.

And now all pieces of the funnel working together to help build to the sale regardless of which stage they are in so this could truly become a Forever Funnel™️.



The interesting part of Erika’s funnel is that it was not new. 4 Years old to be exact. She’d gone through previous programs to develop and help her funnel before but when she was really ready to scale this, she knew. And the piece about sales funnels or any sales system is it’s a LIVING, breathing thing. They can break down or slow as we elevate our ideal client, increase price point, consumer’s buying behavior changes, etc. and we have to evolve with it like it did with hers.

‘I didn’t want someone to come in and just change a few words here and there, or have some type of master copy that they refer back to and plug/play from. I did feel like you really understood who my audience was deeply - which actually took me by SURPRISE because obviously I knew you were good at what you did. But it took me by surprise at how deep into the customer you helped me understand better than I did. YOU PUT THINGS INTO WORDS I’VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT SAYING FOR 4 YEARS and even pieces I wasn’t even aware of.’


My rule: I don’t bring on anyone who I am not their ideal client or don’t understand the entire breadth of who their person is to a T. Because that creates a mismatch between the template world that take on everyone who doesn’t know the industry that well.

Her Words:

“We literally went through every single email of the funnel, line by line. It was so helpful to have someone go through and make changes on things even I didn't think about along with the in-depth client side. I knew I didn’t want a coach, I wanted someone who could literally do what you do, which is hold my hand and do it with me. That was HUGE and what I was looking for. I’m so busy I don’t need another coach, I need someone to tell me what to do, when to do it and hold my hand through it.


Who is the best person to benefit from this intensive..there’s a couple.

There’s someone like me who’s been doing it a while on my own and knows it needs a refresh or getting stale.. I think anyone could use the outside perspective. Even if your funnel is performing well it could always perform better, and to have someone’s eyes on it is so valuable and totally worth the investment to have someone with your skill And I even gave the message blueprint you created for me to my Instagram person and can use that with any contractor I bring on with content which is SO valuable.”