Lee McDonough | Lead Gen & Membership Launch



Lee came to work with Danielle and her team in August 2019 and wanted to launch her upcoming paid membership in October. She knew that prior to early October, she wanted to grow her email list and audience size so that she could have higher conversions from the membership.

Before working with me and my team, she never used Ads for any previous offer. This was her first launch of the membership, but this would be the first launch of the summit and free quiz leading up to the launch.

She told me, "I would love to get over 100 leads in the 3 week promotion time for the quiz and later summit but I don’t know what is possibly with under a $600 budget".

I told her with my 2 Tier Growth Strategy I believe it is completely possible or at least would get her close.

The Strategy:

So my team and I came up with all the creatives and copy and we set up a targeted campaign with ending up spending a total of $545 and she got over 215 leads and with 59% page conversion.

The Results:

Lee had a free quiz that primed the audience for the summit with the open cart to membership with her budget of $1000.

πŸŽ‰ I was able to get her niche audience down to $1.36 per lead (industry average is $2-5/lead) with above average conversion rate ranking compared to other ads with the same Conversion Objective.


πŸŽ‰We spent only $349.21 on signups and she had over 200 leads + 59% page conversion! (industry average is 20%).

πŸŽ‰ The remaining was spent on specific audience growth and testing which is part 1 in 2 part strategy, to grossing 2X as many leads as well as the ripple effect of her page likes went up 11%,  her page reached over 13,947 people which was a 42,164% increase,  and had 450 engagements which was a 100% increase previous from ads.

πŸŽ‰ Plus grew her email list by 33% in 3 weeks with FB Group increase by 14% and instagram following rose by 8.3% over just 3 weeks.

πŸŽ‰ So that once we launched her membership open for only 10 days with a small audience, she was able to bring in over four figures in Revenue with only $365 Ad spend on her first time launching that offer which was able to bring in 1196% Return on Investment.

Her Words:

“I was a one woman shop, knew it was time to explore using ads and scale my business with support to do so.  My only hesitation was: would my investment in ads and in ad strategy be worth it?

And with Danielle, I increased my email list by 33% in 3 weeks! She is smart, thorough and really cares about her clients.

Note from Danielle: We went into priming and growing her audience before her membership launch which ended up creating a 1196% Return On Investment. Hitting her highest launch for that offer.

She knows how to explain complicated ad strategy in a clear way,  and does everything she can to optimize ad results, and consistently outperforms.”