Marissa Lawton - Launch | Lead Gen Funnel



Marissa came to Danielle and her team and had not run any long term paid ads before. She was ready to take her business to the next level with a customized marketing strategy for her niche market. 

Marissa was a client that stayed for months and were able to do many campaigns together from getting signups to her free summit. Increasing podcast listeners, getting new leads onto her list and create tripwire sales in between launches. She is such a passionate entrepreneur, beacon of knowledge and goes all-in for clients. She’s not afraid to try new things and loves to experiment with new marketing strategies.


She had already checked off every other “marketing” box from:

>> Built a FB group over 1400 members that were engaged but not converting

>> Had an email list around 2500 with a mixture of subscribers

>> Facebook and Instagram had under 1K with little to no real engagement

>> Tried Pinterest that spiked website traffic but no real sales

Even with all those supposed ideal client’ numbers,  wasn’t hitting the recurring income she desired so that's when we stepped in and started together.


She serves therapists to help create an online income stream through packaging their services into group or passive work instead of solely 1:1 in-person sessions. Her main offers was the flagship Side Hustle Support Group she opened two times a year and her $17 tripwire after they join the quiz. As you’ll see we brought in sales for both, and due to months growing and nurturing her audience were able to have a $110,000 launch for Side Hustle.

The Strategy:

For Marissa we had a timeline phase that we started with:

Beginning from her Free Summit to increase new audience members into her list and later nurture to buy.

After the summit moving towards getting her free quiz ads up as an evergreen lead generator that had an attached tripwire.

With last two being focused on podcast listener increase ads to become more of an authority online.

And had ads ready to go for her Side Hustle Launch.

We really focused on niche targeting and highly resonant copy to speak to the exact person she was looking for.

The Results:

🎉$112,000 Launch with ZERO Webinars

🎉 Waitlist of prospects ready to buy and SURPASSED her projected launch goal.

🎉 Over 300+ qualified leads added to her email list.

🎉 22% Increase in Facebook Page Likes and 18% Increase in Facebook Group Members.

🎉Dozens of evergreen tripwire sales creating consistent ROAS (return on ad spend).

Her Words:

“Before I worked with Danielle my business and marketing was all organic so the biggest hesitation was if ads would work for me.

The best part (outside of the 148 new cold leads into my summit) was being able to see the numbers and seeing it all broken down to show it was proof that things were working.

Danielle knows the technical piece and the strategy well and I would recommend her."