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Danielle develops insightful and interactive talks for personal development & wellness brands and entrepreneurs. Who are desiring to grow their business online and become the first choice in their customer's eyes.

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My approach comes from experience paired with the reality that most don’t have millions to put into their marketing.. Or even millions of followers waiting to buy.

I believe in creating a holistic strategy that is custom to exactly where you’re at and building from there. So inside of each topic I always make sure to have milestones for each stage of business to create deeper understanding and more specific action steps.

As 2022 is the end of speeches or workshops that are generalized to the public or essentially a copy/paste webinar sharing 3 secrets then pitch template. It is time that when people leave our time together they have more clarity than when they arrived and a sense of action for what is next to scale their business to next level ease.

It is time to create more transformation without sacrificing personalization.

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Signature Keynote Topics:

(These are simply examples, so if you have a topic that you feel would be of a good fit, feel free to ask!).

  •  Sales Funnel Recalibration for Mass Impact & Profit: This is a popular topic that is perfect for entrepreneurs with a funnel or wanting to revamp theirs and not sure what to look at for it to scale effectively. Included are the Sales System elements, both macro and micro factors and where the industry is heading as a whole for funnels.
  •  ICA Level Misalignment: A topic I’m very passionate about since many entrepreneurs don’t realize they are actually talking to the wrong level of their ICA in their message and copy. It affects sales, resonance, and retention.
  •  Evergreen Resonance Sales Copy Pyramid: A framework I created to help show the levels of copy when it comes to sales and its effectiveness. 5 Levels with most around level 2 or 3 range with tips on how to increase their level to increase resonance, impact, and revenue.
  •  Online Presence Ecosystem: Sales Funnel is just one piece of the overall online presence ecosystem as a client mentioned you want your funnel, organic marketing, paid etc to be one fluid machine rather than disconnected. Here we chat about where most lose potential students due to lack of cohesiveness throughout their different channels and platforms.
  •  Why Ads Fail for Evergreen Funnels: As someone who ran ads for clients the last 5 years alongside of funnel and message recalibration I’ve seen where most have issues. If you want to chat about how ads are an indicator something is off in their message or funnel, this is a good topic for that.

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Danielle shared fantastic insights into how you can create a funnel that truly supports your potential clients as they engage with you and your business. In a world where so many online businesses are vying for our attention, being client-centered helps you stand out from the crowd and nurture relationships that last for the long term. 


Topics covered

  •  Looking at your sales funnel from the lens of a lifetime buyer
  • The type of coach who may not benefit from a typical sales funnel
  • How to build your first funnel intentionally
  •  Danielle’s approach to testing and repurposing your funnel content
  • Getting objective data on the emotional aspect of your client’s experience

Listen to the Coach With Clarity Podcast episode here with Host Lee McDonough.


This episode I’m speaking to Danielle Klemm, founder of Danielle, who’s talking about running successful podcast ads.

 Topics covered

  • How to use ads to increase podcast downloads
  • Step by step walkthrough of what that looks like
  • Examples and other marketing related tips

Listen to the Systems Saved Me Podcast episode here with Host Jordan Gill.

1AM303: Entrepreneur Helps Clients Make Their Dreams a Reality  

Danielle began her business after losing both her biological Mom and stepmom from Cancer before she graduated high school.

This made her focus on helping clients to discover the “how to” of turning their dreams into reality, as her specialty is taking the “terror” out of marketing terror.

Today, Danielle helps entrepreneurs create a stream of ready to buy leads, sell out services, while getting their time back. Through strategy, educating on her podcast and creating content all around these topics, she's helped clients be seen as an expert in their field and make strides/more sales in their business.

Listen to the I AM CEO Podcast episode here 

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