Mimi Boyer - Evergreen Webinar Funnel



Mimi Boyer, Founder of Happy on Mondays, came to work with Danielle and her team after growing her business organically to multi six figures and was ready have consistent leads and evergreen sales come in without more launches.

In her words, “I'm tired of running organic only and want systems in place to SELL FOR ME. I've hit somewhat of a plateau with my income. I’m ready to scale and ready to bring a consistent flow of new sales for my course then become leads for my higher ticket program. I want to scale to 100K months💰.”

She currently has a flagship offer called the Get Paid Challenge for new coaches who are wanting to sign their first few clients within 30 days. She gives 110% to her clients and the program has been proven to work again and again so just needed help optimizing the customer path and ramping up quality leads into her funnel.


The Strategy:

The strategy was split up into 3 levels: increase quality leads into her orbit through high converting lead magnet, add new leads into free masterclass to sell GPC for her and have straight to masterclass ad strategy to 2X her webinar signups while keeping the cost per signup as low as possible.

The Results:

🎉40% Return on Investment in Under 10 days!

🎉 From the energetic ripple effect, signed a $10,000 coaching package within first week together.

🎉 Over 200+ Webinar Sign Ups in under 2 Months at under $6/sign up which is AMAZING compared to industry webinar sign up is $5-15 for a cold audience.

🎉 590 Qualified Leads added to her list coming in at under $.95 per lead. Which is GREAT compared to $1-5 industry average for a new lead coming from lead magnet.

🎉4% Increase in Instagram Followers without running any IG follow specific ads.



After the initial call I saw the 3 underlying gaps causing the profit plateau:



She had an EPIC, high value lead magnet leading to her sales vehicle but the truth was it had TOO much value.⁣

Overwhelming the audience, who could see she was an expert but then missed out on the bigger issue >> now they didn’t believe in THEMSELVES as if they can’t get through the first piece of content, why bother with paying for any others?⁣

⁣Once we strategized focusing on the sales vehicle FIRST (crazy, i know) then splitting up the opt-in to focus on the #1 problem that they’d be willing to spend money on to solve… she TRIPLED her leads within the first month.⁣


This is something I hear all too often, that she knew who her ideal client was and I could ask her pretty much anything about them and she’d have a response, but...⁣

The issue was that her sales materials were laid out in a format that actually decreased the interest of her audience so people were falling off either on the landing page or dying in the list and not becoming an EASY YES SALE. This shift once executed got her a 30% conversion increase and is still rising!⁣


After the first two issues were fixed, bringing in new ideal clients was a breeze. As we could then utilize all the messaging we had just optimized to bring in clients from ads at a lower cost than even I’d seen from any client in MONTHS, along with sales, of course :).⁣

Her Words:

"Once we started working together, Danielle has a super professional and holistic approach where she looks at all documents and makes sure the ENTIRE funnel is working. She truly cares and wants us to succeed together. I would 100% recommend her.

If you are feeling like you rely 100% on showing up all the time to sell and you want to systemize your business so that there's new people interacting with your brand constantly, without you being doing all the labour, this will help you! 

One of the biggest wins we’ve had, outside of 40% ROI in the first 10 days was, Seeing my business as a BUSINESS, with a funnel that converts. Sold my very first stranger sale completely out of my funnel. Simplifying the business, looking at it as a numbers game, removing the "personal" from it and truly feeling like a business owner.

After getting 5-6 new sales within the first 2 weeks and signed a 10K package, working with Danielle you will feel  taken care of. As she truly cares and her results depend on yours so I can feel she wants success as much as I want it.”