You see your ‘email clicks and opens’ and ‘Instagram story views’ went up but no new sales / calls booked or DM's wondering… wtf?


 Staring at the number hoping a glaringly obvious golden nugget insight magically appears to help you know why they are SO close but not converting (yet). And what to do about it.


That’s what Silent ‘So Close’ Pulse will solve.


For entrepreneurs who don’t look at their #’s often (nor really want to).

Who want the simplest way to approach the metrics that matter to know what your Quiet Audience wants and needs to see when selling before they buy, without them even uttering a word. Created for ANY current sales setup from just IG Dm’s, calls, and posts. To full automated emails and sales pages

This meets you in whatever software set up and season of selling you’re in.


This method added a 50% sales increase in my own launch all from first time customers who've never spoken to before

(some I still haven't 😅)


by taking 10 minutes to look at two analytics that gave me over 6 actions I could implement with just a sales page up and two emails sent out.


...And then not look at numbers for another month because I didn't need to.

With a similar result for my clients who used this too even with just Instagram stories, posts, sales page, and Dm's.

  • A playbook style program that that you can keep forever walking you through using the 3 Step Process. Discover how to activate a quiet or lurking audience into action takers with the 3 Check, Choose & Use Method. (valued at $169)
  • DONE FOR YOU 1:1 Review on your two chosen metrics so you can confidently write your next sales email/post or take the action knowing you are lining up with what your people need to experience before they buy (valued at $200)
  • A ‘What if it doesn’t Work’ Walkthrough: With quick conversion story prompts to help you step away from the ‘panic’ phase and into welcoming your next customer.
  • BONUS: Your ‘Exhale’ Inducing Metric Homebase aka an easy to digest sheet that walks you through this process. And know clear as day what to double down on without adding to multiple open tabs. (Valued at $97)
  • BONUS: Instant Credibility Booster: I’m sharing a conversion boost I use with clients that help ease lead’s ‘on the fence’ behavior on any product, course or group program. 
Learn the skill to activate your quiet/lurking audience

NOTE: This offer is NOT for you if you only sell offline. Meaning you don’t send emails or on social, or have a website. You’re doing great.. but this is not for you, keep doing you!

This is NOT for those want 10 analytics at once from first impression to end, this is focused on 1-2 needle moving metrics tied to how you sell & your current set up. This is not funnel specific, it’s designed with soloprenuers or those with less than 5 employees in mind.

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This was CRUCIAL for myself when I was battling chronic health and recovering burnout, where I only had 1-2 hours of brain focus time a day. I had to make what I did count.


  • Whether you’re scratching your head and in a bit of frustration thinking ‘WHY click but no BUY’.
  • you’re in a softer season of wanting sales to be simpler, easier and work with the way your audience buys that aligns with your capacity level.
  • Or you're wanting to scale what's already working without adding an entire new sales process in.

The beauty is this is a skill you can use as needed when you want a boost instead of trying to become an analytic master that lives, breathes and dies spreadsheets 🤢.

I’ve used this to work for even the most sporadic seling types. The creative, spiritual types. And the low energy, low on time type entrepenurs too.


You see people are watching, interacting, interested but not really knowing what to do to help change it being INVESTED.


The Silent 'So Close' Pulse is the place for you to be.

To breathe a little easier, and welcome in some new customers who've been waiting to see the change hidden inside your quiet audience analytics.


[Case Study] 3 Step Process to Activate Lurking Leads

3 step process I developed that I, and my clients, use for their launch or sales goal prep phase… and the inevitable mid month sales slump I lovingly call the ‘panic’ phase.

The 3 Step Process is:

  1. Check
  2. Choose
  3. Use

Click the Accordion to read the case study.