The Two Critical Positioning Shifts that made Four Sigmatic an 8 Figure Fungi Company 🍄


 A Finnish man named Tero Isokauppila took the Isokauppila family tradition of mixing foraged mushrooms into their daily brew to the masses. From a morning ritual to a company with annual revenue of $61.7 million, according to Crunchbase.


 In this case study, we're breaking down the two positioning shifts that helped make this before 'hard to understand' mushroom brand into an 8 figure fungi company. Controlling a large marketshare of this estimated $2.71 billion Mushroom coffee market. And how they distilled those shifts into their marketing and sales assets (i.e. lead magnet, home page, ads). With the top 3 immediate action steps you can use for your business.


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The Paid AdsđŸ“± Behind the 8 Figure Fungi Empire

  • Find out their average cost per sale $XX that lead to 5119 sales from their paid ads
  • The psychological triggers they are using to increase conversions.
  • Which ads are best performing and been running LIVE for over a year and even the %age of emojis they use in their emails.
  • Website Breakdown of what they changed from 2017 to 2024 and WHY that increased sales.
  • 3 Data-Backed Actions You can Use In Your Business.

Basically the details you need to know on how they distilled their new positioning into their strategy to maximize sales and overall effectiveness so you can be aware as you create or scale your ads.

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Meet Article Creator & Strategist  

Danielle Klemm


Danielle is a former Facebook & Instagram Ads Agency Owner turned Cold Traffic Positioning & Funnel  Strategist. Helping mission-driven personal development brands expand their core community of buyers beyond their first fans and scale their message to the masses.


Using everything she learned from years of ad & funnel building mastery on high-profile 6- and 7-figure campaigns, Danielle helps founders to create persuasive value propositions and innovative messaging strategies that turn strangers into active, ready to buy members of your community.

This breakdown was created as a way to show the power of better positioning and how it effects your marketing. Along with how easily implementable it can be to your own business.

Enjoy the breakdown and happy scaling!

8 Figure Ad Breakdown