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Here's What Some Are Saying:

Mimi Boyer

Founder of Happy on Mondays / Business Coach + NLP Trainer

Before working with Danielle and her team I was doing only organic marketing and relying on Mimi's energy 100% of the time. Right before I said yes, the only hesitation I had was what if the ad spent being too high to justify as my offer is below 1K and as I can say now, that’s definitely not the case.

Once we started working together, Danielle has a super professional and holistic approach where she looks at all documents and makes sure the ENTIRE funnel is working. She truly cares and wants us to succeed together. I would 100% recommend her.

If you are feeling like you rely 100% on showing up all the time to sell and you want to systemize your business so that there's new people interacting with your brand constantly, without you being doing all the labour, this will help you!


One of the biggest wins we’ve had, outside of 40% ROI in the first 10 days was, Seeing my business as a BUSINESS, with a funnel that converts. Sold my very first stranger sale completely out of my funnel. Simplifying the business, looking at it as a numbers game, removing the "personal" from it and truly feeling like a business owner.

After getting 5-6 new sales within the first 2 weeks and signed a 10K package, working with Danielle you will feel  taken care of. As she truly cares and her results depend on yours so I can feel she wants success as much as I want it.


Marissa Lawton

Mentor helping Therapists create side income

“Before I worked with Danielle my business and marketing was all organic so the biggest hesitation was if ads would work for me.

The best part (outside of the 148 new cold leads into my summit) was being able to see the numbers and seeing it all broken down to show it was proof that things were working.

Danielle knows the technical piece and the strategy well and I would recommend her."


 Sahara Rose

Bestselling Ayurvedic Author + Podcast Host

“Danielle is SO knowledgeable about online marketing, FB/Insta Ads and profitable strategy. She got my at to under $.80 per NEW LEAD which is very unheard of in this industry!

I am truly marveled by her extensive knowledge and rare blend of creativity and the technical, I would 100% recommend her!

Kim Foster

Business Coach for Wellness Professionals

Before working with Danielle, I was growing my business strictly through organic marketing, and things were going very well, but I was ready to scale and grow even more through paid ads and paid traffic. I wanted to be sure I had all my ducks in a row and my organic system optimized before turning up the volume with paid ads.

So grateful for Danielle for her willingness to walk me through all the inner workings and nuts & bolts of my ad strategy! I'm geeky that way and love to learn and she has totally accommodated that tendency. Plus she's totally on her game and knows exactly what she's doing!! :)

If you are looking to go from good to great, in terms of results in your business, and ready to expand your reach — without having to spend a ton of time doing it — then this done-for-you service is perfect for you."


Lee Chaix McDonough

Business/Mindset Coach + Author

“I was a one woman shop, knew it was time to explore using ads and scale my business with support to do so.  My only hesitation was: would my investment in ads and in ad strategy be worth it?

And with Danielle, I increased my email list by 33% in 3 weeks! She is smart, thorough and really cares about her clients.

She knows how to explain complicated ad strategy in a clear way,  and does everything she can to optimize ad results, and consistently outperforms.”


Tina Mai

Wealth Creation + Sales Coach

“After one session with Danielle, I started attracting so many leads through Instagram it was mind blowingly great.

Including new leads in less than a Week that messaged me asking about my services!

And I normally don’t attract leads through Instagram.. like at all.

I can’t recommend her skills enough!"

Jessica Hetherington

Sales & Self Worth Coach

I came to Danielle as I didn't have anyone to help me get consistent leads into my group for my challenge and was really concerned that I wouldn't get the results that I was going for.

I would definitely highly recommend Danielle! She was SO on point and communicated with me every step of the way. She totally delivered and OVER delivered on our exact number of people we were trying to add to my challenge. She is totally results driven and delivers on her promises. I felt totally supported and I didn't need to check on anything because she was always keeping in the loop.

So if you are feeling unsure of how to grow your audience or experiencing no growth, this will help you because you will have an expert in your corner delivering straight up results.

Christine Nicole

Spiritual + Business Coach for Solopreneurs

“Before Danielle, my marketing was more stressful when it came to creating ads for my sales funnels for sure.

Working with Dani took a massive amount off my full plate plus brought in 113 new leads!

There is a point in time when a solo-preneur is post-poning the growth of their business by NOT investing in help.

Hiring the right experts in their zone of genius is what allows to scale and expand their businesses. After I invested in Danielle and 2 other team members, I already see this is was my best decision EVERRRR.”

Jenna Gaidusek

Interior Designer + Course Creator

“I felt good about the direction my business was heading but overwhelmed with the how to of paid marketing and funnels for rapid growth.

And with Danielle’s help, with one type of Ad was able to create 260 NEW Quality Leads and 2 Sales in less than 6 Weeks for my business!

Can’t recommend her enough.”

CLIENTS TELL ALL: What It Was Like Working with Danielle


Want even more? Here's a couple others:


Budget Coach for Moms

Before our session, I came in expecting to come up with a strategic plan of how to set up my Facebook ads for an upcoming launch but wasn’t sure if I was ready to invest in a Facebook ads specialist.

After talking with Danielle, I felt more at ease. Danielle is very knowledgeable and approachable and didn't make me feel bad for having a teeny tiny audience.

And after working with Danielle, I'm getting leads at 85 cents! Which is better than I could have dreamed! I have already doubled my email list in just 4 days. Can’t recommend her enough!

Fabiana Nilsson

Business & Copy Coach for Established Entrepreneurs

I currently have a successful business offering DFY copywriting services, but wanted to pivot to coaching services (as I had been offering them behind-the-scenes already). The challenge I had was that my DFY services were constantly booked out on referrals alone, so I hadn't been putting any effort into my own marketing. And that needed to change in order for me to proactively shift the focus from DFY to coaching, instead of just waiting for coaching referrals to pick up.

Danielle was so supportive and understanding as the time we worked together, I struggled with personal issues that significantly affected my focus as well as my goals, and Danielle went the extra mile to adapt her services to my needs (both in the timeline of our engagement and the actual support I got from her).


I would 100% recommend her, especially if you feel unsure how to communicate and how to attract sales, this will help you because Danielle is really good at digging deep and asking the right questions to unearth your gifts and figure out how to present it in a compelling way.

I'm so much more clear on how I want to work with, and what makes me different from other coaches. It was really refreshing that she respected my boundaries around social media, and helped me brainstorm ways I can structure my marketing that felt good to me.


Vocal Coach for Singers/Songwriters

Before working together, honestly, I thought it would be a lot easier than it was to get comfortable with the Ads process. Which makes me feel even better knowing that I chose to work with Danielle instead of trying to do it completely by myself.

After working with Danielle who helped reposition my landing pages too, my ads finally got approved! I now have a much better understanding of why ads get disapproved and am already much more confident that I can pin-point and solve this problem in the future with more ads.

I highly recommend this process for anyone who is wanting to benefit from trying to scale their ads, even if you want to outsource. Danielle was patient and helpful and she helped me through the challenges of a true Do it WITH you experience. Danielle’s guide and support through this hands-on experience gave me true confidence that I can do this and do it well on my own or hire or outsource.

Brooke Lawson

Brand Strategist + Website Designer

I had pretty high expectations because I already knew how good Danielle was at this stuff but it still blew my mind. And now I am so much more confident as I was just kinda winging it with my testing before, but now it’s like I have a solid plan for what to try and when and HOW to do it.

The detail of her teaching was crazy good, but it never felt overwhelming. It was all broken down into step by step pieces that made it feel totally easy and manageable.

My ads are finally up and RUNNING and I was getting around $4.50 conversions on webinar ads! Before this, they were just around $8-9 on Facebook so that was a HUGE win for me!

Michelle Aspinwall

Peri-Menopause Guide

Before Danielle, I was nervous as the technical areas of business do not come easily to me but my hope was this training would make it possible for me to try an Instagram ad on my own.

And after finishing the training, I definitely learned the technical stuff and understood the 2 different kinds of ads as well as the 20% rule. 

I would highly recommend Danielle, she has a laid back vibe which is helpful for someone who this stuff doesn't come easily.


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