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How to Start and Grow on YouTube as an Entrepreneur ft Quiana Lache (Episode 63)

podcast episodes May 22, 2019
In this Episode…

In this episode, Quiana and I discuss all the YouTube things! Quiana shares her own journey into the YouTube space as well as her own tips and tricks to create your own thriving channel!  
  • How to find your ‘lightbulb moment’ before the trend really starts.
  • How being relatable to your target audience can be one of your strongest selling points.
  • Why it’s essential to get excited over EVERY victory. (Even the small ones!)  
  • Why it’s essential to follow the funnel rules for YouTube like you do for other platforms!
  • One of the biggest no-no’s to avoid on Youtube… That we’ve ALL been guilty of…
  • Why you do not need to pay money to find your niche… (And yes, that means you don’t need to know their day job!)

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Episode Length: 00:56:51
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