How to Overcome the "I'm Busy" Burnout & Addiction ft Hannah (Episode 65)

podcast episodes Jun 05, 2019
In this Episode…
In this episode, Hannah and I discuss everything from when to alter a schedule that isn’t working to overcoming burnout. Hannah takes us through her own personal journey with sobriety, Beachbody, and juggling everything else in her life!
Why it’s essential to look around at your life and realize you need to change sometimes.  (Seriously, change doesn’t have to be negative)
  • How to get over the biggest struggle most women face... burnout.
  • When to realize it’s perfectly normal to be busier at some times than others. (And when to realize you NEED self care!)
  • Why ‘I’m busy’ isn’t an acceptable excuse.  Every single person on the planet is busy, make sure you’re making the time for your priorities!

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Episode Length: 00:34:57
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