The Mental Roadblocks Every Entrepreneur Needs to Overcome ft Andrea Jones (Episode 83)

podcast episodes Oct 11, 2019

Does fear keep you from hitting your goals of six figure months? 

In this free 30 minute training with Andrea, we share all of our secret weapons for overcoming fear! We go over everything that helps us get over our fears - the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

In the episode you’ll hear: 
  • Why your comfort level should define what you do... (even if you need to break out of it!)  
  • How to use podcasting to help combat your fear of audio and video recording. (I know you have it...) 
  • Why you need to ignore the feeling of feeling spammy... and how to overcome it! 
  • How to overcome the scarcity mentality to help your own mental health.

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 Episode Length: 00:35:44

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