Why You Need To Do THIS Before Your New Offer (Episode 84)

podcast episodes Oct 16, 2019

Do the strategies in your business leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed? 

In this free 15 minute training, I share how I help clients create businesses they have a passion for. I go over everything from the strategies you’ll need to make to the actionable steps you can use to create a profitable business you’ll love. 

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In the episode you’ll hear: 


  • Why it’s essential to find strategies that excite you! If it feels like a task on your to do list, it probably isn’t for you. 


  • How to find your ideal client… Where they’re spending time the most. 


  • My strategy on finding a strategy that I can stick to… And how it helps you bring in more profit. 


  • Why it’s okay for you to not be everywhere at once and focus on one thing that lights you up at a time…



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