Creating Content + Converting Website Design Secrets ft. Jess Creatives (Episode 85)

podcast episodes Oct 23, 2019

Does the idea of creating content for your website terrify you? 

In this free 1 hour training with Jess Creatives, Jess and I discuss everything from her own entrepreneurial journey to captivating website design. We share our best tips and tricks to creating website design and copy that can help you make sales and put more money in your pocket. 

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In the episode you’ll hear: 


  • How Jess got an early start freelancing while she was in college. (And what inspired her to do so!) 

  • The exact moment she realized she needed a waitlist... Even when she was scared to let potential clients know there was a wait. 



  • Why a call to action isn’t always the ‘perfect answer’ you may think it is... (The perspective your designer needs you to know!) 


  • Why it’s perfectly okay for your goals for the website to change from month to month.  


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 Episode Length: 00:50:13

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