2020 Marketing Q&A: Ad Strategy, Grow Your IG and FB Groups, Converting Copy  | Episode 98

Uncategorized Jan 07, 2020

Growing your IG and FB Groups audiences organically? Specific tactics you found that work well?

Sooo what happens when you’re getting leads under a $1? Haha i see all these when it’s not working what do I do. But what if I’m getting a solid lead cost, spending $20/day and getting 20 leads a day totaling about 600 leads a month. Do I duplicate? I’m afraid to touch it or https://www.danielleklemm.com/call 

Any ideas to attract more investors/donors?



In the episode you’ll hear:

 Episode Length: 00:36:40


  • How to get traction from Facebook groups by understanding what your target audience wants.

  • The best practice for creating shareable content and hashtag strategy on Instagram.

  • Learn about tripwire and retargeting to level up sales conversion.

  • How to write effective converting copy by asking the right questions.

  • Identify the three types of content you need in your business.

  • What you can do to balance your time managing multiple platforms.


Free Resources: Headline Workshop: https://www.danielleklemm.com/3-steps


Hope you all enjoyed it, and make sure to check out the complete ad breakdown to help create 599 client leads and 20% sales increase.

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