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Why settle for a leaky, underperforming funnel when it has the potential to be a money-magnet? 

 Unleash it's Power & Profit with the Done-For-You Funnel Flow Audit.

 Let our Funnel Flow Audit sprinkle some conversion magic and 

transform your less than stellar results into a symphony of sign-ups and sales!

You’ve taken the time, effort & money to create this system that is meant to create more leads and sales FOR you.

  • Checking off all the boxes of what ‘should’ be working with your people since it was taught that once you create the sales funnel from the templated pages and formulaic copy it'll work for life... but it's 6 months+ later and that 'for life' is only holding up really 'for a year' without a clear reason why.

 I get it — in marketing we’re taught how to create things quickly with the promise of near instant results, but the reality that was promised isn’t matching up. Because no one teaches how to diagnose & identify what to do once the funnel is up.

What happens when it begins to slow down and where to look to help know what tweaks to change in the copy, layout and overall customer journey to turn up the heat once again. 

That is my bread and butter.

After 5 years in the online marketing space specializing in conversions with my last job being a facebook/IG ads manager I know what to look for to help convert more of your current & new cold audience. 

The answer to your funnel frustrations lies in the Funnel Flow Audit.


Note: Karin decided to continue working together to implement after the Funnel Audit but is not mandatory.

Picture this: A conversion wizard armed with magnifying glasses🔎, dissecting every nook and cranny of your funnel.

To peel back the layers, dive deep into the hidden crevices, and uncover the untapped potential that's been lurking beneath the surface. I leave no stone unturned to inspect your opt-in/Thank You page, sales page, email sequences, and even the high level cosmic energy view of how your entire customer journey is performing.

But that's not all! Brace yourself for soon to be ultimate funnel facelift coming from these tweaks mentioned in what you get.

          BEFORE                              AFTER

The ONE Asset Audit

One Time Payment of $597

  • 🔍 ONE Asset Funnel Audit + Google Doc Report: Analyzing ONE asset from top to bottom. Using all the same process as the full funnel but for one chosen funnel asset i.e. your sales page OR opt-in landing page/thank you page, OR email sequence.
  • ⏱️ 1 X Loom Video Review of Revelation: I’ll create a custom walkthrough video to spill the beans on what we discovered during our audit expedition.
  • 📲 20 Minute Whats App Post-Audit Check-In: Need an extra dose of conversion support? I won't leave you hanging! I’ll follow up with an option to answer a burning question to ensure you're riding the wave of funnel success long after the report is delivered.

The Funnel Flow Audit

One Time Payment of $1650

  • 🔍 The Full Funnel Audit + Multi-Page Report: Analyzing your funnel from top to bottom, employing sales psychology, layout mastery, and sales copy/message alchemy to uncover the obstacles holding back your precious prospects from the YES. With tasks put into priority so that your team or mine can implement it with ease.
  • Funnel Audit Includes:
    • Landing Page/ TY page OR Webinar Sign Up Page / TY Page
    • Landing Page PDF OR Webinar Video + Slide Deck
    • Sales Page
    • Welcome Email Sequence (5-6 Emails)
    • Sales Email Sequence (7-8 Emails)
  • Video Review: I’ll create a custom walkthrough videos mentioned with timestamps in the doc to spill the beans on what I discovered during our audit expedition.
  • Post-Audit Email Check-In: Need an extra dose of conversion support? I won't leave you hanging! I’ll follow up with a thoughtful email to ensure you're riding the wave of funnel success long after the report is delivered.

Payment plan available or email sequence only pricing can reach out via email [email protected] OR

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 These audits are my bread and butter. BUT, they come with a twist.. well actually two.

1. I don't believe in one-dimensional audits i.e. I look at your copy, offer/message or funnel just from the strategist lens with my own bias + expertise. I believe in taking on the lens of your ideal client and use it in the 3 Level Audit approach I use.

2. I don't believe in giving someone just pure information without real-life application they can begin to use NOW. By giving you the #1 action or next step to focus on that would make a world of a difference with your current offer in how it's being seen, understood and felt by your people.

My Intention: That I want to give you will blow your mind. And once it gets put back together, what to do next.

You’ve spent enough money on templates, other programs or training to have another document thrown in the wayside. Let’s have this be different for you, your offer and your soon-to-be new customers shall we?


Even if you only have the basics:

  • Landing page
  • Thank you page
  • Sales Page
  • 7+ Email Sequence
That's only $165 PER Asset Audit - to have that come back and MORE with them converting more customers for you from the Funnel Flow Audit.