The Two Critical Positioning Shifts that made Four Sigmatic an 8 Figure Fungi Company 🍄


Before mushrooms became a fixture in our coffee cups and featured in

modern 'weirdcore' home decor from earrings to lamps...


There was a Finnish man named Tero Isokauppila. 


Who took the Isokauppila family tradition of mixing foraged mushrooms into their daily brew to the masses. From a morning ritual to a company with annual revenue of $61.7 million, according to Crunchbase.


 In this case study, we're breaking down the two positioning shifts that helped make this before 'hard to understand' mushroom brand into an 8 figure fungi company. Controlling a large marketshare of this estimated $2.71 billion Mushroom coffee market. And how they distilled those shifts into their marketing and sales assets (i.e. lead magnet, home page, ads).


Welcome to the fung-guide to marketing Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee.


[First Positioning Shift]

The Shift No One Saw 🍄 

Are you a fan of tea?

Okay great, now do you like your tea with texture and brown looking?


Most people in the U.S., especially at the time of 2012 would say  no.

That was the first hurdle. In order to break into a new market like the U.S. or a new audience with paid ads - you have to reposition the product to match the buyer behavior and culture.



 He adds in the CNBC Article he stopped making mushrooms the main hook and started marketing the drink as a better experience for coffee drinkers. 'Which according to Isokauppila includes reduced jitters and heartburn." “That’s a value proposition,” he says.'

- you'll be able to see more in the 2017 website below.

This is better profitable positioning in action.

The founder had the foresight to see that in order to grow his business he had to adapt the PRESENTATION, not the product itself.

Note: positioning is more than just the home page - it affects nearly every part of the business but can be easily seen when distilled into marketing assets like web page copy.


In 2017, mushroom coffee was still a new concept in the U.S. market, hence the initial positioning focused on education and process-focused imagery relating to the first shift above.


  • EDUCATION OVER BENEFITS: The emphasis on educating about mushrooms rather than highlighting individual benefits may deter casual consumers, leading them into a passive learning mode.
  • PRODUCT FOCUSED COMMUNITY: The section beneath the social proof of Times/Forbes urging users to "Join the Mushroom Coffee Revolution," emphasizes community over the actual benefits of the mushrooms—again turning the positioning focused on the product then the customer.
  • HEAVILY PROCESS FOCUSED: The images depicting the 3 Step Process add simplicity (actually mirroring my own morning routine with a similar coffee mug.)
  • Yet, their placement on the page right after the above the fold section sacrifices valuable space that could be better utilized for testimonials or highlighting benefits that helps shorten the buyer timeline. NOTE: This oversight has been corrected on the 2024 website.
  • PERFORMANCE  POSITIONING: They were more heavily focused on the positioning as a enhancement or performance type product suite. The performance angle isn't good or bad. It just depends on who they are trying to attract, what their buyers needed, and where the market shifted.
  • DEMOGRAPHIC MISMATCH: The branding and chosen images creates the impression of a 'perform better' angle versus an overall wellness positioning they've taken now.
  • NOTE: This would be a perfect position still if they were going for the Keto, Whole30, 75 Hard crowds. Even though it is still wellness, these specific niche buyers are performance focused that aligns with this website's current messaging. Which is why it's important to know the exact demographic you're selling to so your messaging is in alignment with the desired demo.
  • OK FOUNDATION: While the webpage isn't inherently bad, it could have benefitted from a shift towards a more benefit-focused approach earlier on, leveraging the abundance of testimonials available. Nevertheless, the new website seems to rectify this.
  • ORIGIN MENTION: I appreciate the nod to their Finnish origins and it being at the end of the page so it doesn't take up more important real estate above. It can help to mention Personally didn't know about their backstory until now. 



  • The current educational focus fails to bridge the gap between product benefits and consumer needs quickly. Potential clients likely explored the website extensively, given the plethora of content available, including videos and the Mushroom Academy. The lack of product benefit integration suggests a more education-centric approach rather than one focused on driving conversions.
  • Potentially delaying purchase decisions as customers sift through extensive educational content.
  • With the performance angle alienating first time website visitors who are more general wellness focused and believe this is not for them and click off.
  • This could also result in higher bounce rates and lead drop-offs as visitors navigate the website leading dozens to hundreds of sales left on the table.

Now let's see how this first positioning shift evolved into a more impactful second shift on their website and marketing below.

The Second [SUBSTANTIAL] Positioning Shift 

From Online to Storefront Retail 🍄


At this point, Four Sigmatic has a decent foothold in the functional mushroom marketshare.

But what happens when you want to expand beyond  the first rank on Amazon into the highly competitive retail market?

(80% of their revenue historically from e-commerce - mentioned in this Forbes Article


And have a message that encompasses the expansion in to the mental wellness product company they have become since 2019?

That was the question Tero & the Four Sigmatic team were trying to solve earlier in 2022.



“It’s a simple epiphany,” Isokauppila said. “Most consumers care about what they get from the product. Over the course of a decade, hundreds of millions of consumers have told us they're here for the cognitive benefits and they stay for that.”Forbes Article


"With a refreshed appearance that prioritizes energy, de-stress, immunity, mood and gut support, Four Sigmatic is now better positioned to steer consumers’ attentions away from the core ingredient, but rather letting them focus on its actual benefits.”


So how do they distinguish themselves compared to other mental wellbeing-focused consumer brands to enter the market: MUD\WTR, MOSH bar, RYZE Mushroom Coffee while standing out in retail?


Let's break that down with their updated 2024 Website.

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👋  Hyperlinking your offer for the 20th time knowing the more your people see it, the more likely they’ll buy right? It’s just about hitting that glorious 10th impression seeing it to be warm enough to buy..right?

👋 Waist deep in a launch seeing your emails getting opens and clicks but can’t figure out what’s not connecting to bring in more conversions.

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Once you tap into what aspects your people need to buy while making the offer sales copy match up with whats missing in the market…

let’s just say it’s lead conversion magic✨

Become a champion for what they need rather than waterboarding them with ‘PDF and 2 calls a month’ details.


You can tell the time (and most likely lots of money to A/B testing and conversion rate optimization) was put into this homepage. It highlights nearly all 4 buyer types' natural feature or psychological trigger they look for in the purchase consideration process.


  • BENEFIT FOCUSED START: They've optimized their above-the-fold section with a header image that invokes a feeling i.e. her smiling. Along immediately showing social proof of 100k+ 5 Start Reviews. Plus benefit restated below in a wrap around of one word phrases that the customer would be thinking about when considering if this mushroom coffee brand is for them.
  • PROFITABLE PRIORITIZATION: The prioritization of starter kits or bundles, likely due to higher profit margins, is evident. They display a wide range of terms their products can address creating a well-structured layout with ample white space, a significant improvement over the previous webpage.
  • WELLNESS-ORIENTED TARGETING:  The new positioning targets wellness-focused individuals, with branding that primarily appeals to women while maintaining gender neutrality. It focuses less on scientific details as the 'mushroom academy' was and more on the benefits consumers can experience. And using alongside testimonials from celebrities or influencers, reinforcing credibility.
  • INTENTIONAL PSYCHOLOGICAL TACTICS: The website strategically uses anchoring bias presented with the recency effect. This strategically presents information in a specific way to influence customers’ perception by highlighting the product’s most attractive benefits and features at the end with the mention of 'helps with focus, energy and mood' at the bottom right to have the consumer recall it quicker.

  • USER-CENTRIC FOCUS: Initial overwhelm might occur, depending on whether users scroll first or attempt to read through the content. However, the website effectively counterbalances this by prompting users to identify their needs and guiding them with interactive testimonials and exit pop-ups offering discounts, potentially boosting conversion rates.
  • ALIGNED MARKET BRANDING: The brand's positioning aligns with clean living brands like Thrive Market, fostering familiarity and trust through similar branding, ultimately enhancing brand recognition and consumer confidence.
  • ORIGIN MENTION: As shown in the last website they kept the Finnish mention at the end along with a new built-in feature at the bottom right of the website (not pictured) showing 'Meet the Founder' where Tero shares their mission. Fostering more of that intimacy that can be lost as you scale into a bigger company.



  • This home page, even though longer and more scrolls than the 2017 iteration truly is well optimized. From the beginning with the emotional appeal is conveyed through images like the smiling woman in the first picture and other strategically placed elements. Allowing each lead to be primed and know how this can immediately benefit them to have higher CTR (clickthrough rate) to the 'add to cart' page.
  • This would help create faster decision making with less buyer remorse so that they're sales scale without a higher return rate. 

Key Takeaways


Four somatic has done a great job on leaning into the benefits, and the big components of what makes an easy yes for their consumers.

As someone who is a long time customer, I think it's interesting to take a look and see how they're bringing new customers with the added layer of six years of conversion, marketing and position experience.


This was mainly meant to highlight. Things are doing well and give a better look on how things get translated from a position inside into more copy rather than an audit with deeper changes.

What I do love is they never went down the negative route of demonizing traditional coffee - trying to use the us vs them narrative. Which would have gone against their branding and can back fire even if there is merit to it like certain coffees having potential for toxins and mold in it.


Demonstrating there are so many ways to position your product or offer as you expand into new audiences or adding in new products so that it still is in alignment with the value of the company and strengthens your relationship with the customer.


How to Use This For Your Business (EASY Action):


  1. Maximize Above-the-Fold Impact: Ensure that the above-the-fold section of your website effectively communicates key selling points and benefits to visitors. Use compelling header images and concise bullet points to convey value propositions upfront, minimizing the need for extensive scrolling (linked to discussions on maximizing above-the-fold section and product-focused community).

  2. Strategically Prioritize Product Offerings: Identify high-profit-margin products or bundles and prominently feature them on your website. Utilize testimonials from influencers or celebrities to reinforce credibility and showcase the array of terms your products can address. Additionally, consider restructuring your website layout to emphasize benefits and create better white space for improved readability (linked to discussions on profitable prioritization and balanced growth strategy).

  3. Enhance User Experience for Higher Conversions: Optimize the user experience by addressing potential visitor overwhelm and guiding them through clear conversion paths. Incorporate interactive elements such as prompts to identify user needs and exit pop-ups offering discounts to encourage conversions. Prioritize user-centric design elements to improve engagement and conversion rates (linked to discussions on user-centric experience and aligned brand positioning).


The easy actions might help spike some sales - but to create positioning and funnels that keep up with the pace of your business growth you might need a bit more support than a couple one-off actions.


The Paid Ads📱 Behind the 8 Figure Fungi Empire

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