Let's be honest, you have a BIG vision. And right now, your offer and the funnel attached to it isn't helping you get there in the timeline you had hoped for.

#Truth, this is when you know it's time to elevate this offer to its 7 figure+ potential.

It starts with here, with refining your offer's funnel and sales message. 


You are wanting to optimize your sales materials to create a high converting sales machine.

    • Want hands on support from a Sales Conversion Expert who's been behind helping scale countless Multi 6 Figure+ businesses.

    • Desire a strategy built around what is missing from your current sales system that is leaking profit and what your cold audience need to hear in order to sign up and say yes consistently.

    • Know it's time to hit your next level numbers WITHOUT stressing on why it's not connecting.. or worse, the sales conversion rates declines even more. 



Success Funnel Shaping Session

Who this is for: 

The first step for those who don't have a funnel or are in the middle of creating one.

I help create a funnel flow structure or tweak a current one being built. For those redoing theirs from scratch or wanting to have a more self-paced and organic approach. This session audits their current funnel plan to see how it will work for your ICA and play out both profit potential and evergreen resonance along with ideas for how the structure could be best suited for you and your ideal people.

This session includes:
- In-depth review of your current idea or funnel plan
- Draft blueprint of aligned funnel flow to suit your ICA best
- 90 min call go over to address, shift and brainstorm into the most potent & profitable funnel this can be
- Post Call email checkin
- Call Recording
+ Any notes were taken on the session

Investment: $647


The Funnel Flow Audit

Who is this for:

The first step for those with a funnel and a scalable offer wanting to sell more i.e. course, info product, book, etc. 

I analyze your entire funnel. i.e. optin/TY page, sales page, emails sequence, the overall conversion %age it has for scalability and any big gaps I see from a high-level customer journey side.

This includes:

  • Full funnel audit i.e. I analyze what is off both from a sales psychology, layout, message and energetic level that is holding back their people from signing up from that funnel.
  • 90 Min Call going over what I saw and any initial tweaks on call
  • Call Recording including Breakdown, Q&A and action steps
  • 10 day email checkin

Investment: $1100 PIF or 2 Pay of $699




Sales System Overhaul. This is a 21 Day Intensive Focused on Every Step of the Sales Process. From First Impression to Sales Phase included with Messaging to Ensure You Walk Away with the Highest Converting Sales System Possible.

How it works:

Set up in a 3 Week Format starting with the Sales System Audit where I go over every piece of your funnel from structure, flow, copy and overall Conversion Percentage Gauge. With that information packaged into a multi-phase document will use as a guide for the 3 Hour Sales Message Intensive. From the Intensive will create a Blueprint of What Needs to be Applied and Recalibrated for Optimal Sales Conversions that will dive into on our Follow Up Session with an optional add on for my team to do for you.


  • PreWork Success Questionnaire
  • 1:1 Sales System Audit: from Lead Magnet to Last Email Sequence
  • In-Depth Funnel Analysis Report
  • 3 Hour Sales Message Intensive
  • 21 Days of 1:1 Support via WhatsApp or Email
  • Offline Work Hours Where I Take Everything from the Initial Intensive and Create a Blueprint for You to Approve
  • 90 Min Approval & Application Session
  • Your Entire Sales Message Blueprint
  • Application Guide specific to Your Offer
  • Bonus: Access to Any Templates Danielle finds is needed

*1 Available Spot a Month at $3300 Pay in Full or 2 Pay $1750.

+ Optional add on to have Sales System Application be done for you for my team for added $700.



Who this is for:

The woman who wants it all.

The Whole Enchilada.

The premier package includes your Funnel Flow Audit, Sales Message Intensive, AND Done For You Implementation & Validation.

Including What's Above Plus:

VIP Implementation with: 

- Done For you Application Guides: Line by Line Docs for how the Sales Message fits onto every section of your funnel from Sales Page to Email Sequence including what's mentioned/structured in your sales vehicle and lead gen to ensure cohesiveness and high conversions.

- VIP Implementation Day by Danielle taking all tasks created in the guides and adding them into the funnel

- Deadline Funnel Campaign Creation

- Feedback on Sales Vehicle recreation (webinar/sales vid or written series)

- Final Funnel Check to make sure no gaps


Funnel Validation Including:

-1 X Call for Re-launch strategy session & consult with how/what to say to your audience to retest this new funnel

- Funnel Metric Sheet Creation to Track Metrics from TOF to BOF

- 1 X Funnel Debrief Call #1 to go over how first launch went with suggestions of what to change

- DFY Re-test Change & Funnel Guidance

- 1 X Funnel Debrief Call #2 to review the last round and what to expect after. 


Ellen Yin

Business Mentor + Marketing Minimalist

“I have never experienced this before from a funnel perspective and it was so nice to be able to talk things out without feeling rushed and with well guided conversation, so the time was well spent.

I loved hearing Danielle’s ideas and going deep into our buyer personas. She really clarifies exactly what stage my dream student is at and what's top of mind for them before they buy, so we can build our messaging around that.

I feel much more focused now on exactly the type of student I'm wanting to attract to this program, and exactly what their fears, desires, hopes and timeline for decision making are!

If you are feeling unclear on your messaging or are struggling with attracting the right students to your course/program, this will help you get laser focused on who you're targeting and more importantly, what makes them take action and BUY!"

Since I only take one new client a month and have to honor my time and yours.

Please fill out the questionnaire below if you want to learn more about the next open spot!

Alyssa Rimmer

Food Blogger + Content Creator

I have worked with a few strategists before and this was MUCH better. We went WAY more in depth with my buyer personas and I felt like Danielle (and team!) are really focused on our success. The sales messages and profit angles were huge and I think we're really set up for success with this next launch.

On Top of the angles, I got a full review of my sales system as well as an in-depth analysis of my ideal customers and what they really want and need. I walked away feeling much more confident in my delivery! Definitely worth way more than I paid.

If you want to launch something new, get new leads or even just relaunch an existing program, this will help you because it's a full look at your entire sales system to optimize for conversions, not just one piece of the puzzle like you normally get.”

“I always knew in the back of my mind I needed to do some kind of refresh or reboot of the webinar, of the sales funnel. But it all boiled down to time, as that was just ONE aspect of my business. And due to time just kept pushing it off ‘ah I can do next month, or next year’.

Danielle really understood who my audience was deeply - which actually took me by SURPRISE at how deep into the customer you helped me understand better than I did. SHE PUT THINGS INTO WORDS I’VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT SAYING FOR 4 YEARS and even pieces I wasn’t even aware of.’

- Erika Vieira

Founder of Zero to Influence Bootcamp


I haven't experienced anything like that before to having someone look at my entire funnel to determine what needs to be tweaked. The best part was the insight on the things that need to be fixed, and every part of the funnel was dissected and analyzed. Danielle audits your sales system and determines what are the leaks in the funnel that needs to be fixed in order to have a better sales conversion. 

If you are struggling to have your funnel convert, this will help you because Danielle is an expert at what she does by providing a holistic approach in analyzing every part of your funnel to make sure it runs smoothly and what needs to be improved."

- Karin Wu

Wedding Planner