What if you were able to increase sales this WEEK by writing ~10 lines of copy?

The Instant YES (U.S.P.) Workshop will help do just that.

Learn how to uncover & articulate the UNIQUE AF selling factor your offer has to turn lurkers into purchasers.


You've got the offer, the copy, and you're ready to re-launch aka you put your whole heart into this and time to promote the 💩 out of it.


But you have a feeling you can't shake.. that there's something...missing, in your messaging:

Something that is holding back people in your DM's, inbox, or stories from finally saying "YES".


Sales have slowed down since you first launched it to your audience, your analytics tell you people are abandoning the cart🛒.. and while you know damn well the in’s and out of your offer... the thought of going through an entire sales page audit & copy rewrite makes your brain freeze🥶 faster than ice cream.


Real Talk: You want to make more, while WRITING less.


Wait, what? - I didn't say doing less like every other course out there?

Nope. Because clear you'll inherently DO LESS once you add in this new way to dial in and learn how to communicate the unique value of your offer that you can apply TODAY.

(template script included 👌)



  •  The one you felt or heard about from peers that on-the-fence leads converted themselves without needing textbook-long DM convos to say yes.
  •  The type that you wake up to see another person in your audience said YES from the recent email blast you sent out.
  •  Where sales spikes can become your new monthly sales baseline while you indulged in offline activities that filled up your soul (aka time with family, reading, traveling, etc.)


That is what this quick, easy and immediately implementable workshop can do for you.


Shift the 🌊tides with your next post, DM or video by learning a new way to communicate one of the four selling factors to make your offer a category of ONE in your audience's mind.


To clearly identify yours (and yes yours can have more than one;) & share in less than 10 lines that will spike interest and begin to sell more for you without adding in new bonuses or incentives or worrying if your people will ‘get it’.


Instant Yes LIVE Screenshots:

Get Ready to Strut💃 Away With:

  • A new way to communicate your offer that you can use immediately spike sales interest and re-engage your tuned out👂 audience who’s heard the same promo for it ten times over.
  • Repeatable system to use on ALL your offers in your product suite (talk about a good deal)
  • A post script/DM template that does the heavy lifting + thinking for you
  • Clarity on how to select the most valuable assets of your offer
  • A challenge you can do TODAY to ensure this new promo angle resonates with clients

And More!

So whether you’re in…

👀Lurking Lead Central

You flip down your phone with a heavy sigh realizing that another full week has gone by with less than a dozen (if any) sale notifications of your offer.



😩Pitch Fatigue


You feel a little worried that since its 3rd time+ launching this to your audience that you’re not sure how to make this offer feel new or different to your audience unless offering more bonuses or price discounts… which feels more like former people-pleasing tactics than a full hell YES alignment for you.


😳New Offer Anxiety

You finally settled on the name of your offer, the price, and all the goodies that make it yours. But when it comes to actually sit down and write the first sales post or video you feel frozen or avoid it like the plague. Not because you don’t believe in it, because you do so much you want to make sure you get the premier of it ‘right’. And that your audience gets it off the bat.. But even more so buys it too.



All three have the same desire: Wanting to bring in more sales to an offer they are passionate about.

 Along with… Not making it the process of getting more sales a huge to do where it involves tons of their energy + mental focus to get there.


For so many writing oodles of copy is *not* a joy. What IS, is writing simple, powerful and intentional lines that describe exactly what your people need to read to have that Instant yes.


SPECIALIZING in turning present AND future on-the-fence/ghost leads. With this one workshop will give you the tools to shift them. Without needing to do a full launch, hour-long DM convo, or write a whole new sales page.


You know you have an amazing offer that has and can transform client’s lives…or at minimum solved the problem you designed it to help with…yet the way you’ve been talking about it to potential leads doesn’t land the way it used to.

Today is the day where it can change and be applied in less than 10 lines... Ready to dive in? :)

I want an INSTANT YES!


  • Recording of Workshop
  • The Instant Yes Workbook ➡️

  • The Interactive Slide Deck

  • TWO LEARNING PATHS (For Binger’s & Pace As Your Go Learners) *This is HUGE as most only give you one learning option that might not work for your prevailing learning style*

  • BONUS - The Instant Yes TEST Template: How to Put Your New Angle into Today’s Post

  • BONUS - The Instant Yes Teacher’s Notes

This Sounds Rad... But Who Are you?

Hey! I'm Danielle :) Been helping scale dozens of 6 to 7-figure+ entrepreneur offers over the last 5 years sustainably & gross manipulation tactic-free.

And after spending the first few years focused on ad management for well-known female entrepreneurs through their 5 figure ad spend launches or 8000+ customers sold evergreen funnels I noticed specific trends on why some would not reach their goal even with ads set up nearly identical to their competitors.

It wasn’t for lack of funds... but lack of resonance in their offer’s message and sales pitch. Where now I blend energetics in the context of scaling & messaging with my in-depth knowledge of conversion marketing techniques so that you can make more without spending, doing, or writing ;) more.

I address the core pieces most one-off sales copy or funnel programs don’t teach paired with the lens of FUN & FULFILLING because once you fix pieces like this Instant Yes Workshop offers, ANY strategy can work.

I'm on a mission to make ease, freedom & play not just the goal outcome but felt through the whole process from beginning to end.

Ready to join in?