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 Do you keep flip-flopping between how much of the “real” inner work to include on your sales page beyond deliverables, # of calls, and modules?

With your audience reading but not CONNECTING and converting as quickly after hearing the same 2 sentence sales pitch call-to-action restating the tagline, container type, and length for the 5th time 👀


  • Second guessing the skills and gifts that come SO naturally & easily to you in sessions... aren't seen “as valuable enough" with your audience to translate into a consistent source of scalable income without long DM convos or multiple free offerings?
  • Tip toeing in your sales copy / pitch to try and ensure your people buy even though your heart keeps SCREAMING to claim your intuitive, neurodivergent, or *insert the topic or identity you keep pushing down* side that you actually WANT to be known and well-paid for?


TLDR: Wondering how to visually communicate the worth of your untraditional or intangible offerings so that clients see it as an instant “hell yes!”?


Than this free workshop for you.


Discover the power of high-converting Visual StorySELLing to showcase your unique offerings, solidify it as a scalable income stream, and overcome sales fears...(for real)


The Nitty Gritty:

Replay Available Until Wednesday, September 27th, 2023

THIS IS NOT: A 53+ highly curated slide deck webinar that is pure fluff giving basic tips you learned two years ago. Or spending the entire time trying to ‘convince’ you need to hire me to be successful 🙅‍♀️


THIS *IS*: Me pulling back the curtain on real time strategies I’m doing with clients to help them sell more of their transformational yet a bit intangible offer. Me doing live coaching with attendees to get your custom strategy before you hop off the call and prompts for replay people to begin their journey.


Strut out of this workshop with..

The specific visual changes to make on your sales page, to convey the invaluable transformation of even the most "intangible" of offers in a way that helps you get paid.


Allowing you to…
  • Spark your next level sales potential by conveying the Invaluable Transformation of Your Offerings Through Visuals without another laptop mockup photo. Because you and I both know another Canva design🎨  is not the way to sell more of your transformational offer with customers who care OR without feeling transactional.
  • Let the parts about your offer that make you EXCITED and lit up about this work all over again be front and center without having to rely so on forcing yourself to market what you think your people want or your last coach said would work.
  • Have your audience make your offer their #1 on next purchase list by discovering the power of visual storySELLing including dissolving the infamous ‘I don’t have enough time or money’ objectionwhich for most of my clients is only one paragraph or image away.


Ready to begin?

Join the free workshop because you deserve to sell more of what truly lights your soul on fire and transforms your customers lives.   










Picture this: A conversion wizard armed with magnifying glasses🔎, dissecting every nook and cranny of your funnel.

To peel back the layers, dive deep into the hidden crevices, and uncover the untapped potential that's been lurking beneath the surface. I leave no stone unturned to inspect your opt-in/Thank You page, sales page, email sequences, and even the high level cosmic energy view of how your entire customer journey is performing.

But that's not all! Brace yourself for soon to be ultimate funnel facelift coming from these tweaks mentioned in what you get.


1:1 Audit & Intensive

Hey, Nice Asset!

One Time Payment of $750

  • 🔍 ONE Asset Funnel Audit + Google Doc Report: Analyzing ONE asset from top to bottom. Using all the same process as the full funnel but for one chosen funnel asset i.e. your sales page OR opt-in landing page/thank you page, OR email sequence.
  • ⏱️ 1 X Loom Video Review of Revelation: I’ll create a custom walkthrough video to spill the beans on what we discovered during our audit expedition.
  • 📲 20 Minute Whats App Post-Audit Check-In: Need an extra dose of conversion support? I won't leave you hanging! I’ll follow up with an option to answer a burning question to ensure you're riding the wave of funnel success long after the report is delivered.
OH YEA I'M IN FOR ONE ASSET! One Time Pay for $750

Payment plan available or email sequence only pricing can reach out via email [email protected] OR

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           BEFORE                          AFTER 

Hey! I'm Danielle Klemm, a Sales Funnel & Message Coach helping more rad entrepreneurs enroll more students into their proven offers without having to be so hands-on or do any gross manipulation tactics 🚫.

After working with dozens of entrepreneurs ranging from their first 6 figures to next million in revenue helping them achieve 60% sales increase in 10 days, revive a 'dead' audience and make 4 figure fully passive income month...I’ve noticed similar patterns that happen when it comes to selling:

  • Specifically a lack of depth missing from most sales assets/funnels leads to more lurkers instead of lifetime buyers. My hope with this guide is you begin to feel hope and connection with your audience once again that can lead to the sales you didn’t even see coming, while having as much fun as you can get away with 👌.

This is perfect for any entrepreneur who noticed more page views than sales or wonder why their audience isn't fully grasping their offer beyond the tagline or 'what they get' modules until they experience a call or session with you.


💰 Moola Results:

  • 💸 Exercise 3 was the secret behind what helped Alyssa’s evergreen sales email go from 0 to 14% CTA by only changing 1 paragraph (unheard of on a sales email)
  • 💰Create a four figure fully passive income month with no DM’s, calls, webinars, or extra time put in.
  • 💸 And revived a stagnant offer with less than 1-3 sales a month to SOAR through the sale page & emails alone. 
  • 💰The DM’s you get go from ‘is this right for me’ to ‘I can’t see a better world without joining’. And ‘wow your copy spoke to me so deeply, i felt like i was seen for the first time.’ and ‘I didn’t even need to ask any Q’s, I bought already becuase you spoke on everything I needed on the page’.  and YOU get to wake up saying ‘I feel so EXCITED to talk about my offer again, in a way that feels so in line with all of me & what I want to get across to my people.’ ‘I cannot WAIT for people to experience this page’



😍 Happiness Results:

  • ✨ Finally develop an heart-filling relationship with marketing your offer where the resistance your body had to phrases like ‘sales page/copy’ and ‘funnel’ get replaced for an ooey gooey warm your heart happiness. 
  • 🪄Now you're actually excited to send ppl you're sales page link... instead of the internal cringe & instantly worrying about all the things they're thinking about your copy.
  • ✨You play & enjoy life beyond the screen more than ever before because you finally bridged the gap your people needed and developed unwavering trust in your sales page & assets to sell for you (actuallly, not the old ‘set it and forget it’ BS) I’ve had clients begin traveling every weekend with their partner, take more time off from socials since sales are still rolling in, finally tune back into their body BEFORE burnout and overwhelm kicks in and rediscover a hobby their younger self would be bursting at the seams about.

What YOU need to Get Started Today:

  • An already written (even in only 3-4 paragraphs and some bullet points of what they get or full fledged multi-scroll) sales page where their main copy & pitch is
  • A validated offer aka your offer has sold before & recently (in the last 90 days)
  • An offer you enjoy, preferably 1:many or 1:group as 1:1 offers are less needed of a sales page